Template letter for #StrongerOUT activists to contact MPs on #RepealEULaw

#StrongerOUT activists should use the following campaign letter to contact their local MPs. We strongly advise everyone to use the website www.theyworkforyou.com to contact MPs. But of course if activists prefer to send letters or meet with MPs at their surgeries, that is also progress.  CAMPAIGN LETTER TEMPLATE  Dear.............,  I write to you on this occasion to... Continue Reading →


Today #StrongerOUT launches the campaign to #RepealEULaw as part of the complete Brexit policy.  Become an online activist, join the #StrongerOUT campaign on Facebook  The Prime Minister - a Remain campaigner - has proposed the transposition of #EU law into our law as part of the Great Reform Bill and this is not what the... Continue Reading →

#OperationBeacon campaign to trigger Article 50 was successful

The purpose of Operation Beacon was to ensure Article 50 was triggered and to leave Theresa May with no wriggle room. We held her to ransom, a proxy of the Brexit movement and our campaign succeeded.  In October 2016, when we demanded Theresa May set a clear timetable and a fixed date for the invocation... Continue Reading →

Wilders trial shows why we must reject Theresa May’s transposition of EU law

The left-wing EU tyranny is absolutely committed to wiping out freedom of speech and the latest politically motivated show trial of Geert Wilders proves it beyond doubt. For those who have forgotten, Theresa May campaigned for Remain at the EUref and she is still a Brussels puppet, her thinking is entirely in sync with the... Continue Reading →

Daily Agenda launches #StrongerOUT campaign for complete #Brexit

Today the Daily Agenda launches the #StrongerOut campaign to petition for the invocation of #Article50 and thereafter complete-Brexit.  I want to make it clear that I genuinely regret campaigning on behalf of Vote Leave during the EUref and under no circumstances would I have loaned my talents to the UKIP troll factory at LeaveEU.  I... Continue Reading →

Detailed analysis shows that Brexit MPs can win a big majority at next General Election

REFERENDUM ANALYSIS SHOWS POTENTIAL FOR A BIG VICTORY FOR BREXIT MPS Analysis of the referendum result shows there is a huge potential for Brexiteers to elect a Parliament completely dominated by Brexit MPs at the next General Election and we should set to work now on ensuring this happens. Arrogant Remainiacs have used the PRO-EU... Continue Reading →

UKIP dropping the campaign for Article50 is political suicide 

Paul Nuttall announced his leadership of UKIP this week with a policy reversal leading to the political graveyard and it has to be argued if he has taken leave of his limited senses.  What is UKIP's thinking on the abandonment of Art50 when there is no realistic prospect of repealing the ECA before Art 50... Continue Reading →

HM Government funds Hope Not Hate smear merchants to target UKIP

The news that 'Hope Not Hate' (HNH) is funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government should come as no surprise to UKIP members and supporters. This Tory-led regime is desperate to curtail the threat posed to its core vote by UKIP.Semantics over 'democracy' aside, what this shows is an orchestrated policy on the... Continue Reading →

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