The Tory plan for ‘Brexit’ is designed to keep Britain in the EU

The French dictator demands the British pay £88bn for Brexit

‘Brexit’ Minister David Davis MP faced ‘negotiations’ with the EU dictators this week and sold-out immediately by agreeing to pay Brussels a “divorce settlement” for Brexit. 

French dictator Michel Barnier wants to rape the British people of £88bn to ensure the EU does not collapse. It is not for the British to maintain a foreign dictatorship they have voted to leave and never consented to join in the first place. 

But Remain campaigner Theresa May ordered dodgy Davis to agree to a pay-off but the sly Tories refuse to say how much they are offering to pay. They seem to forget that this is our money not theirs and we will not tolerate their betrayal and lies. 

The next Tory betrayal on the agenda came yesterday in the shape of fake ‘Brexiteer’ Michael Gove, who urged Brexiteers to accept open borders and mass immigration until 2023. This is the same Michael Gove in the #VoteLeave campaign who argued we had to #TakeControl of our borders and halt mass immigration. No surprise the backstabber has betrayed every ‘promise’ he made during the referendum. 

Theresa May claimed she would repeal the Human Rights Act completely and replace it with a Bill of Rights. But then she betrayed this ‘promise’ and assured Jean Claude-Juncker that she would retain the HRA for a further 5 years. No sign of Brexit on her agenda in any capacity. 

May then came up with a new cunning plan to transpose over 20,000 EU laws into our law but no one voted for this and current polling shows over 90% of Brexiteers are opposed to the transposition scam. Both #VoteLeave and #LeaveEU campaigns proposed the complete repeal of all EU legislation and our policy was perfectly clear, it’s what the 52% voted for at the EUref. 

The Tories have said they only intend to repeal some business legislation to make it easier for foreign investors to rape the British national wealth and use British workers as low paid slaves. 

When will people learn that the Tories are greedy socio-economic parasites with a passing interest in patriotism that usually surfaces once a year at Last Night of the Proms. The treacherous Tories took us into the EU without consent and now they intend to keep us in the EU without consent but at the same time delivering the lightest form of Brexit-lite possible. 

The evidence is now completely undeniable, the Tories are not going ahead with Brexit and they intend to ignore the majority vote. If this happens we must respond by ignoring the so-called sovereignty of Parliament and force an early General Election.

The treacherous Tories are prepared to allow ECJ case law to supremacy over British courts. Not what we voted for and we will not accept!

In advance though we must plan carefully and form a new mass movement committed to complete Brexit. We have to have a new political party in place to contest a General Election before we cause the Government to collapse. 

In the first instance, Brexiteers must sign the #StrongerOUT petition to #RepealEULaw and if we are ignored, the next step will be regime change and direct action to topple this treacherous regime. 

Brexiteers argue that if everyone donates £10 to a Crowdfunding campaign, we will be able to raise a large sum of money with which to form a political party to challenge the LabCon political dynasty. This is an excellent idea and we must begin work immediately or Brexit is lost. 

Labour has no more intention of going ahead with Brexit than the Tories and as a result we have to defeat the LabCon dynasty to enforce complete #Brexit. It can be done if we plan meticulously, raise the requisite funds and strike at the right time to oust this treacherous Tory regime. 

#StrongerOUT is the only organisation campaigning for complete Brexit. 

On 7 September, Parliament debates the European Union (withdrawal) Bill and Remain MPs have vowed to “wage war” to stop the bill becoming law. We cannot leave the EU until the European Communities Act 1972 has been repealed. 

It is now the responsibility of all Brexiteers to unite in a new mass movement to compel the Government to honour our vote or face being toppled by public demand. 

Brexit will only be delivered by Brexiteers building a new mass movement to enforce the result of the #EUref. 

Join #StrongerOUT, together for complete Brexit. 

Sign the #StrongerOUT petition to stop the transposition of EU law into our law. We demand all EU legislation is repealed and replaced by a British Constitution


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