EU demand for ECJ to have supremacy over British courts must be rejected

We will not tolerate a foreign legal system overruling our courts

Eurocrats have revealed their hand prior to the commencement of Brexit negotiations. In a leaked briefing document made available to Sky News, Brussels demands that EU citizens living in the UK will be subject to the supremacy of the European Court of Justice. In practice, this would mean the ECJ would have the right to overrule British courts in the context of EU citizens only and it is a completely untenable situation.

The first point to make is the majority voted to leave the EU on 23 June 2016 and that included by default an end to the ECJ’s supremacy over British courts. This latest dictatorial demand by Brussels must be rejected out of hand, ruled out immediately before negotiations begin shortly after the General Election.

In real terms, we cannot have a situation in which EU citizens feel they do not have to abide by British law and ultimately have the final right of appeal to the ECJ. It would create a chaotic situation in which a two-tier legal system would effectively create environment and which would make 4 million EU citizens living in Britain effectively fifth columnists.

StrongerOUT has campaigned against the transposition of EU law into our law and this is a prime example of why we have led the fight in this context because transposition will not work, it will make Britain an offshore proxy of the EU.

After the General Election, all Brexiteers must unite in common cause against the EU to stop transposition and reject the latest demand to give EU citizens in the UK effective ‘immunity’ from British law.

Approximately 10% of the British prison population consists of EU citizens, many of which are career criminals and they came to Britain to do nothing other than commit crime. We cannot allow Brussels to have the trump card of the British Supreme Court. EU citizens must understand that if they live in Britain, they are subject to our laws alone and there will be no right of appeal to the ECJ.

Should the ECJ be given supremacy over our courts in the context of EU citizens, there is little doubt Eurocrats will use the advantage to free EU criminals purely to inflict humiliation on Britain and it is in fact a humiliation tactic. It will not be allowed to happen and it is the clearest sign that we have to reassemble the entire Brexit movement so that Theresa May understands there will be no capitulation to Brussels on this point.

Voting for the Tories at GE2017 does not mean that anyone is giving Theresa May the right to transpose EU law into our law or to give the ECJ supremacy over our courts in the context of EU citizens living in Britain. These matters were decided conclusively at the EUref and no Leave organisation campaigned on a platform to transpose EU law. The issue at hand was perfectly clear, we put forward an agenda to leave the EU completely, repeal all of its legislation and end the supremacy of the ECJ. There is no confusion on this matter, it is perfectly clear, there is no room for manoeuvre.

Julian Stroud MP (York Outer) has confirmed in writing to StrongerOUT that the Tories will press ahead with the original promise to enact a new British Bill of Rights to replace the Human Rights Act and we demand a First Amendment article of legislation in the new BoR to guarantee the right to freedom of expression for everyone in Britain.

We agree entirely that Britain should remain a member of the Council of Europe outside the EU and that we should take this opportunity to enact legislation that shines as a, exemplary beacon to the world in terms of restoring individual liberty and freedom of expression or put simply #LibertyByLaw.

The moment the new Parliament has been elected on 9 June, we will begin the process of escalating the campaign to stop or reverse transposition of EU law and we will make it clear to Theresa May that she must reject the demand to give the ECJ supremacy over British courts for EU citizens.

StrongerOUT members and all Brexiteers should use the online forum to petition their new MPs on the foregoing matters. Our campaign objective from the outset was to #TakeControl and that is exactly what we are going to do, we are going to ‘take control’ over our legal and political system.

Join us in common cause for complete Brexit to create a new British Constitution and restore liberty by law.

EU citizens will be subject to British law alone after Brexit and there will be no right of appeal to the ECJ

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