The Great Repeal Bill is ‘The Great Lie’ to deceive Brexiteers 

Quasi-Brexiteer David Davis gave the game away with his admission that transposition means EU law will continue to have supremacy over British law after Brexit

#StrongerOUT leads the field in the escalating campaign to #RepealEULaw and create a new British Constitution during #Brexit but in our path stands ‘The Great Lie’ being spun by the Tory regime. 

Quasi-Brexiteer David Davis openly gave the game away when he admitted in the Government’s White Paper on transposition that CJEU precedents will continue to have supremacy over British law after Brexit. So we are not leaving the EU and what the Government is doing is a window-dressing exercise to fool Brexiteers into thinking they are getting Brexit. 

In reality, the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 only removes the legal instrument that took us into the EEC-EU but it does nothing to repeal over 20,000 EU laws, which will be transposed over and above our organic legislation. 

Many people have asked “what’s transposition of EU law”? Put simply, it’s a copy and paste exercise by which the treacherous Tory regime will adopt all EU law into ‘our law’ without public consent. No one voted for transposition of EU law and Theresa May has no mandate from the electorate to carry out this monstrous betrayal of Brexit. 

Transposition also means that Remainers could take us back into the EU after Brexit because all of the EU’s legislation will remain on our statute book. All the Government would have to do is reapply for membership, rename transposed EU law to its true name and then update and accept any further legislation passed by Brussels in the interim. 

Remain fanatics will not give up trying to get Britain back into the EU and Jean-Claude Juncker has said he would like Britain to rejoin the EU after Brexit. Their plan is so transparent a child could see it for what it is. 

But StrongerOUT argues that all EU law since 1 January 1973 should be repealed en bloc and replaced with a new British Constitution enacted by Parliament and that all of the articles of law therein be entirely of British origin. 

Gloria De Piero MP wrote to me in the last week and her opinion frankly was that the Government was clueless on transposition and had not drawn up a plan for Brexit and I agree entirely with my Constituency MP. 

The simple issue facing all 17.4 million Brexiteers is do they want EU law renamed ‘British’ or do they want organic British law? Let’s go back to the EUref for the answer to that question. 

VoteLeave, LeaveEU and GrassrootsGo did not campaign on a policy agenda to transpose EU law into our law. Therefore, not one of the 17.4 million Brexiteers voted in favour of transposition, we voted to repeal over 20,000 EU laws and replace them with a new British Constitution. 

The Government lie is that transposition will allow us to repeal any EU law at a further stage but there is no plan for this in the White Paper and if the Government wants to repeal some EU laws later, why transpose any of them now? It makes no sense whatsoever and lends credence to those who accuse the Government of “having no plan” or simply “betraying Brexit”. 

StrongerOUT has drafted a White Paper on a proposed new British Constitution and thus proved that the Government could do the same and approve it through an act of Parliament with the consent of the majority of MPs. Alternatively, the new constitution could be put to the electorate in a referendum for approval. 

Brexiteers will not accept transposition of EU law into our law because we did not vote for it, we do not want it, we will openly rebel against it and we will defy all EU legislation no matter what the deceitful Government tries to call it. 

We demand what we voted for, a new British Constitution for a newly independent country. 

Join #StrongerOUT to #RepealEULaw 


One thought on “The Great Repeal Bill is ‘The Great Lie’ to deceive Brexiteers 

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  1. Thank you for that information. I must say I thought the govt would IMMEDIATELY begin working on changing the laws to suit the UK after the Great Repeal Bill. I hadn’t realised they were still intent on retaining the EU laws. This needs changing & the deceitful govt needs to be called to account.


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