#StrongerOUT launches its manifesto to create a just society post-Brexit

EU: We will repeal all EU legislation from 1972 onwards. We are completely opposed to Theresa May’s plan to transpose EU law into our law and we will replace EU law with new British Constitution. We will complete the Brexit process entirely until full political, economic and military independence from the EU has been secured by honouring the will of the majority. We will negotiate a mutually beneficial trade deal with Brussels but we will not sign up to the Single Market or open borders.

NHS: We will introduce a new insurance system whereby migrants will no longer receive free health care. Any foreigner entering Britain must first ensure that they have the requisite health insurance before a visa is granted for their entry to the UK. We are committed to a cost analysis of the entire NHS to ensure waiting lists are reduced and funding is spent wisely. We will seek to remove as many NHS managers as possible and put funding back in the hands of doctors and nurses running local health authorities. We propose to create a dedicated cleaning service for the NHS to tackle the poor hygiene in our hospitals and resolve the problem with superbugs.

DEFENCE: Our foreign policy initiative will create a London-Moscow reset, to rebalance the geopolitical situation in favour of peace and mutual cooperation. We propose to resolve the conflict in Ukraine and Syria through negotiation with our Russian partners in the fight against extremism. We make a firm commitment to the Trident nuclear deterrent and will upgrade the armed forces by using some of the £9.8bn saved each year by withdrawing from the EU. We propose to take homeless veterans off the streets and place them in sheltered housing or with housing charities. 

IMMIGRATION: We propose a 5-year moratorium on immigration to allow UKBA to regain control of the immigration system. The objective is to #TakeControl of our borders before we allow small numbers of migrants to enter the country again. We propose a points-based system for immigration to ensure we recruit the best possible overseas candidates. We are committed to removing all EU citizens that entered the UK from 24 June 2016 to comply with the wishes of the majority Leave vote. This will empower us to tackle the low wages racket causing so much misery to British families. Low paid workers will be a key priority for the Democratic Party. 

EDUCATION: We will bring academies and free schools back into the Local Authority System. (113 academy school trusts are in debt to the tune of £25m). Sex education (life cycles of humans and animals – reproduction) to be included in primary education in Year 5 onwards – parents to be consulted beforehand. In larger towns/cities wherever possible, grammar schools and apprenticeship courses at Colleges to be included in choice of education provision.​ For those students who are more practically inclined, we need to emulate the German system – at KS4, the pupils follow a curriculum where the specialists technical or vocational subject is studied e.g. garages to fix cars, plumbing courses at colleges and greater links to industry with sponsorship deals.  By the end, the qualification is dependent on an associated pass in basic language/numeracy/IT skills. Universities need to be far more proactive to ensure that their courses meet the current and future needs of industry and should publish figures on job prospects relating to each degree. Employers​ should be​  incentivised to employ trainees – ‘on the job’ training/day release. Allow teachers greater autonomy – there is an absurd amount of teachers’ time ​devoted to marking and data analysis. The time spent marking could be used far more efficiently in researching resources or keeping abreast of all the excellent educational tools and ideas out there such as the ‘flipped classroom‘ and ‘twiducate’ to mention just two. We are committed to ending the religious apartheid fostered by Islamic faith ‘schools’. We will ensure all of these Islamist breeding grounds are closed down in the public interest.

ELECTORAL REFORM: Parliamentary elections will be determined on the basis of proportional representation guaranteeing all political parties a place in Parliament based on the share of the vote to ensure all voters are represented according to their views at a General Election. The first past the post system is entirely undemocratic and maintains the interchangeable elective dictatorship of two parties and does not provide genuine democratic representation in Parliament. Proportional representation will provide everyone who votes with a genuine voice in Parliament. The Parliamentary term should be reduced from the current five years to four years to prevent unpopular governments hanging on to power for the sake power whilst providing no real service to the majority. This reform will render elective dictatorship completely impotent and restore trust in the political system to ensure the best possible governance.

LAW & ORDER: We will abolish the ‘Independent’ Police Complaints Commission and replace it with a Police Standards Authority, in which the police will play no part in the investigation of complaints against officers. This will be the first major step to cleaning up the police. We will undertake a sweeping set of reforms, merging the Magistrates and Crown Court systems into a much more efficient, streamlined service which guarantees the right to trial by jury. We will also reduce the number of trial jurors from 12 to 7. We propose far greater use of Community Rehabilitation Orders to ensure offenders repay the debt to society. We will overhaul the appalling prison system and stop them from being used as crime factories by criminals. 

FREE SPEECH: We are fully committed to the restoration of freedom of speech, which was wiped out by New Labour and the Tories using tyrannical EU legislation. We will repeal all EU laws and overturn all convictions secured using these instruments of left-wing tyranny designed to control the mindset of the nation. Existing laws are sufficient to protect people from bullying online. Freedom of speech is not a crime, we will allow people to express their views in a reasonable manner but we will not allow anyone to incite terrorism. The right to criticise, particularly public servants, is the fundamental cornerstone of democracy. We propose to create legislation similar to the First Amendment in the United States that enshrines in law the right to freedom of expression. 

TAXATION: We will scrap the unjust Bedroom Tax and lower VAT. Base rate taxation and National Insurance contributions will remain the same. We propose a thorough overhaul of the benefits system to ensure disabled people are not targeted unfairly. All benefits to EU citizens will be cut off entirely under the terms of complete-Brexit.


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