#StrongerOUT campaign will expand and join forces with European allies to #RepealEULaw

With Article 50 imminent and the divorce process from the EU about to begin in earnest, it’s now vitally essential for #StrongerOUT members to expand the campaign to a wider audience. 

The imperative moment has arrived and we must be equal to the task to ensure the Government realises that we will not accept the transposition of EU law into our law. We did not vote to retain EU law masquerading as ‘British’ law through the transparent camouflage of transposition. 

Firstly, #StrongerOUT members need to petition their MPs by email to oppose transposition and demand a new British Constitution during Brexit. Use the online forum at www.theyworkforyou.com to put immediate pressure on MPs. Make it clear that any MP supporting transposition will not get your vote at the next General Election. 

This rapidly growing campaign is about people power and making clear to the political Establishment that we hold the real power not them and we can remove them at the ballot box if they ignore our demands. 

We want an end to the Gagging Order and ‘hate speech’ tyranny and the EU legislation from June 2003 that gave rise to this massive assault on free speech.

We further demand that anyone convicted under left-wing ‘hate speech’ legislation should be included in a ‘Brexit Amnesty’ and all criminal convictions are overturned and all Gagging Orders revoked. This does not apply to people convicted on terrorism-related offences. 

#StrongerOUT members should now promote the campaign to as many Brexit groups as possible and persuade all Brexiteers from across the political spectrum to support the #RepealEULaw campaign. 

We are a non-partisan organisation and we will not campaign for or against any political party. Our aim is to unite the entire Brexit movement into a cohesive force for socio-political reform in the national interest. 

We should also make it clear to MPs that we expect The Treason Act – watered down by Remain fanatic Tony Blair in 1997 – to be amended to read that it will become an act of treason for anyone to conspire with a foreign power contrary to the nation interest. By ‘foreign power’ we mean the European Union. 

With #RepealEULaw we are slamming the door shut on a possible reunion between this country and the EU. Just days ago Jean-Claude Juncker said he expected Britain to rejoin the EU after Brexit and we must now shatter his illusions by repealing over 13,000 EU laws since 1 January 1973. 

The Great Repeal Bill is a misnomer, it is not designed to repeal EU law, its purpose is to transpose the unwanted legislation of a ‘foreign power’ into our law, which means in reality we do not really leave the EU. 

Our mission at the #EUref was to #TakeControl and that includes total control of our legal and political system. We must eradicate the EU-funded ‘Common Purpose’ and close down its brainwashing propaganda activities inside public services, particularly the police.  

Brexit will not be completed until over 13,000 EU laws are removed from our statute book entirely and replaced with a new British Constitution. In particular, we demand a legal instrument that guarantees the right to freedom of expression and that no one in future will face arrest for daring to espouse opinions contrary to left-wing ‘hate speech’ ideology. 

The time is now to move forward on all fronts to expand our campaign to #RepealEULaw and we must work tirelessly to #TakeControl of our country again. 

The Government has no argument for not creating a new British Constitution. HM Government has hundreds of lawyers on the payroll and they can be set to work on a British Constitution white paper to be presented to Parliament for Royal Assent. 

I wrote a white paper in the space of several hours, therefore the Government has no argument on refusing a British Constitution. 

Theresa May must understand that under no circumstances will we accept the transposition of EU law into our law and we will go into open rebellion to stop it. 

Simon Tomlin, Campaign Manager, StrongerOUT 


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