Lord Bird warns of impending “civil war” incited by Tony Blair and Remain fanatics 

Bloodthirsty Tony Blair continues to incite Remain fanatics to “insurgency”

Today Lord John Bird warned that Britain risks slipping into “civil war” because of Brexit and that few people realise the dangers of what is coming. 

With bloodthirsty Tony Blair, who wanted to be EU President, doing everything in his power to incite and organise an “insurgency” by Remain fanatics, we have to take these dire warnings and threats seriously. 

Brexit will not be stopped by Blair, Clarke, Soubry, Mandelson and their defeated Remain campaign. The House of Commons voted overwhelmingly to invoke Article 50 and last night the House of Lords rejected access to the Single Market. 

Brexit is going ahead but we must be mindful of the serious dangers we now face if Blair is allowed to incite “insurgency” with impunity from arrest and prosecution. 

The appalling litany of threats from nasty Remain activists has reached staggering new heights, even playing a pivotal role in Nigel Farage’s decision to resign. How much longer can this incitement to violence and murder be tolerated without an organised response.

Remain troll Charlotte Church referred to Farage as “a piece of shit” and then broke down in tears at the furious backlash against her malice.

Remain fanatics now openly refer to Farage as “the head rat” and even resort to inciting his murder in the national press with impunity from arrest by the EU-ACPO puppet police ‘service’.

We now know that we cannot rely on the ‘police’ to enforce the law because their senior officers were trained by Common Purpose, a brainwashing unit led by a former Communist, funded by the EU.

Peter Hitchens argued in the Mail on Sunday that Brexit was a ‘revolution’ but Remain leaders cannot grasp the concept of democracy when the people turn against them. 

This is the very last chance to remove the cancer of corruption in this country or we will be subjected to a gangsters’ tyranny run from Berlin and Brussels. We have #RepealEULaw and create a new British Constitution.

On the Remain side, their fanatics openly incite the murder of Brexit leaders and escape arrest for incitement. Their terror campaign is getting worse by the day and it has to be put down.

Their incitement is going to lead to Brexiteers being murdered and if that happens the country will erupt into all-out “civil war”. The constant mass protests by Remain in London and elsewhere are in reality an insurrection against democracy.

Remainers believe their vote counts for more than Brexiteers and their arrogance is what caused The Great Rebellion in the first place; the majority of Britons have had enough of the Establishment crooks and their subversive foreign financiers.

A large number of people have asked me how do we create a nationalist militia to put down the Remain insurrection against democracy. I am duty bound to lay down the following blueprint for the creation and deployment of the Civil Defence Association CDA against this organised assault on our democracy and civil liberties.


Postcode Battalions: Brexiteers should recruit volunteers in their postcode areas to form a Battalion to be put under the operational command of the County Regiment. This relies on the system used during WWI to raise ‘pals battalions’ to serve in County Regiments.

County Regiments: Raising thousands of volunteers in all British shires and counties will lead to the creation of the Brexit Army to be put under the command of the Chief of Staff assisted by the commanders of all County Regiments. It is proposed that we call this volunteer army the ‘Civil Defence Association’.

Command Structure: The CDA can then be mobilised at a county or national level to act in defence of the civil power in much the same way that the British Army is deployed in defence of the civil power at a time of national emergency. The CIC of the CDA is to be chosen by the County Regiments to ensure the most popular and capable leader is selected to command. In essence, this is a reworking of the hugely successful New Model Army created by Oliver Cromwell which he led to victory in the English Civil War.

With the real prospect that our under-manned army could be deployed as Dominic Lawson argues to put down the insurrection against democracy, it is essential that a Civil Defence Association is raised in support of the army and which could be put under overall operation command of the General Staff of the British Army.

It should be noted that Remain has no real support in our Armed Forces and the majority of the regular army and TA are Leave supporters and loyal to the Crown.

A simple show of force, a flexing of our military might supported by a civilian militia will be enough to deter Remain fanatics from carrying out their threat to make the country ungovernable to stop Brexit going ahead.

These are dangerous times and Remainers need to understand that they lost the one-off referendum and that their terrorist campaign against the majority will be put down by force if they do not stop immediately.

Brexiteers therefore should now begin building the CDA from the framework of the #Leave.EU #VoteLeave volunteer campaign. In this we have the nucleus of an organisation to transform into a nationalist militia to save our country from Blair’s traitors and their foreign financiers.

Social Justice Councils: Each County Regiment of the CDA should create a Social Justice Council responsible for the arrest and trial of Establishment criminals involved in the insurrection against our democracy. The current legal system is infected with EU-traitors and cannot be trusted to implement anything remotely smacking of ‘justice’.

In particular, for the CDA we should seek to recruit former British soldiers to act as senior NCOs and Battalion officers to provide training, discipline and experienced leadership skills. Anyone with military experience in the Professional Army, the TA and even the Army Cadet Force is an ideal recruit for the Brexit CDA.

All communications between the CDA should be encrypted and in particular we should buy ICOM encrypted walkie talkies to communicate in the event the mobile phone network is switched off.

Keyboard warriors and coffee shop wafflers need not apply, we need real patriotic men and women to save our country from the insurrection against democracy not childish dreamers who naively believe that “it will all work out right”.

If it comes to a fight between the Brexit Army and the Remain fanatics, they will be defeated with ease but only if we prepare for victory now.

We must send this clear message to Remain fanatics that we will fight to enforce Brexit. Welcome to the real world! 

“To arms citizens. Form your battalions.”

Civil Defence Association UK & Ireland



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