#StrongerOUT presents White Paper for a new British Constitution during Brexit

  1. Proportional representation guaranteeing all political parties a place in Parliament based on the share of the vote to ensure all electors are represented according to their views at a General Election. The current system is an elective dictatorship of two parties and we intend to create a fairer political system. 
  2. The unelected House of Lords is to be abolished in its entirety to be replaced by the House of Commons alone elected by proportional representation. The ongoing anti-democratic measures by the HoL to block Article 50 is the perfect example of why the Lords needs to be abolished in the public interest. In the modern age, we cannot by governed by an unelected Upper House and we reject Government proposals to elect Lords for a 15-year tenure. 
  3. The Magistrates Courts are to be scrapped in the public interest to eradicate the nepotism between the police and Magistracy. No one shall stand trial on any indictment without the right to trial by jury, which is the cornerstone of English law since Magna Carta. 
  4. The system of sentencing and remand prior to conviction is to be overhauled to significantly reduce the prison population and alleviate the massive cost to the public purse. In particular, petty offences of shop theft will no longer result in bail hearings or imprisonment and we propose to make shop theft a matter of civil recovery. 
  5. All district judges sitting in the Magistrates Courts are to be promoted to the Crown Courts. The Magistrates Courts are to be scrapped to reduce the cost to the public. All criminal cases proceeding to trial will be before a jury if the defendant enters a not guilty plea. The number of jurors will be reduced from 12 to 7 to prevent a hung jury and reduce cost to the public purse. 
  6. Membership of the Freemasons organisation or any secret organisation, particularly the EU-funded Common Purpose, committed to influencing the legal framework of the nation, shall become illegal. 
  7. The Criminal Cases Review Commission will be scrapped and replaced by a final act of appeal to the Supreme Court from the Court of Appeal.  
  8. The prison system shall undergo a sweeping reform of all of its services with the key emphasis being on restoring discipline and encouraging widespread rehabilitation of offenders. The prison population will be reduced in significant numbers and a far more effective system introduced on the Dutch model. We propose a far greater use of non-custodial community service orders to encourage offenders to value the community they live in. 
  9. It is proposed that prisoners are sent to prisons that reflect the nature of their crimes. Non-violent offenders should not be sent to the same prison facilities as violent offenders.
  10. The ‘Independent’ Police Complaints Commission shall be abolished and replaced with a Police Standards Authority to restore public trust in the police service. The police will play no part in the investigation of complaints against officers and all investigations will be conducted by a lawyers and civilian volunteers under the control of the Ministry of Justice.
  11. DNA samples retained by the police service where the person arrested has not been charged will be destroyed under the supervision of the Police Standards Authority.
  12. The post of Police Commissioner is to be scrapped to eradicate the current nepotism between political parties and like-minded senior police officers. All serving police officers with criminal convictions will be dismissed from the service. 
  13. Parliament shall enact a law guaranteeing freedom of speech and expression to all British citizens and people shall have the right to express whatever opinions they hold without fear of criminal prosecution and repression by Parliament and/or the police. We argue in favourite of a law similar to the First Amendment in the United States. 
  14. Secret trials in the criminal and civil courts will be dispensed with in the public interest to engender greater public trust and transparency in the legal system.
  15. Absolute privilege for solicitors and barristers shall be abolished to prevent them from making character assassination attacks on a defendant, then reported as ‘fact’ in the media, thus causing serious defamation to the defendant, particularly where or she is acquitted by a jury. Lawyers will have to concentrate on the facts supported by evidence or no case will be allowed to proceed. 
  16. Legal Aid funding in the criminal courts shall not be available to any defendant convicted of three offences and this measure is designed to curtail career criminals, who will have to pay for their own legal representation and if they cannot afford to pay, they should seek alternative law abiding careers. But we have no opposition to lawyers representing them on a pro Bono basis. 
  17. Parliament shall enact a law – similar to the First Amendment in the USA – that ensures freedom of expression shall be available to everyone on British soil without fear of harassment from the State for expressing opinions unpopular with certain political factions. We do not however propose to give people the right to terrorise others or incite terrorism. 
  18. The Right of Assembly shall be an automatic right to all citizens wishing to protest against any socio-political issue which needs to be highlighted to the majority. All applications for public assembly will be granted unless there is clear evidence of an organised intention to provoke violence. 
  19. The intelligence agencies MI6, MI5 and GCHQ will be merged into the National Intelligence Service and the number of employees reduced as the surveillance machinery of the State is dismantled in the public interest.
  20. The National Public Order Intelligence Unit NPOIU shall be scrapped and the police will have no powers to run undercover spying operations against political activists and political groups operating within the framework of the law.
  21. The Race Relations Act will be repealed and all British citizens will be regarded as equal before the law. We do not propose to divide British society by engendering social apartheid by making racial and/or religious distinctions. 
  22. The Basic Minimum Wage will be paid to all workers and any employer breaching this law will be subject to remedial action in the civil courts to ensure enforcement. The Basic Minimum Wage will increase each year in line with current inflation. All employees shall have the right to take industrial action where mistreatment occurs in the workplace and rights of assembly shall be granted to the trade unions to pursue social justice causes. 
  23. No journalist shall be subjected to a Gagging Order in the criminal or civil courts. Civil libel actions or complaints to a new Media Standards Authority shall be the only method to seek redress against media malpractice. We propose that the MSA will have discretionary authority to award libel damages to a complainant/s in line with damages that could be awarded in a civil legal action. We propose to protect the freedom of the press and to give the public rights of legal redress against media misconduct. This proposal would guarantee freedom of expression for everyone. 


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