Only way to end the Gagging Order tyranny is to #RepealEULaw 

The Gagging Order tyranny was created at the European Court of ‘Justice’ in June 2003 with the emergence of the new ‘hate crime’ mania

What is it like to live under Gagging Orders? It’s the modern equivalent of having your tongue cut out or being burned at the stake for suspected witchcraft. In essence, the Gagging Order victim is subjected to a vicious witchunt to ensure the truth is concealed. 

The tyrants justify their tyranny by claiming the victim has incited people to hate them but incitement laws were repealed in 2008. The next component they use is accusations of sedition but this law was also repealed in 2009.

In 2010, criminal libel laws were also repealed and the door was wide open for anti corruption campaigners and citizen journalists to expose corruption in public services. In short order the Hackgate scandal erupted and terrified the entire rotten Establishment with the ferocity of the public backlash on social media. 

The Government ordered the Leveson Inquiry, picking a judge with avowed left-wing views and loyalty to the EU. The end result, Leveson concluded was that not only the media had to be muzzled but they had to take control of the Internet, particularly social media. 

I wrote at the time this would lead to a massive assault on freedom of speech and outright tyranny if not stopped. Under guidance of ECJ rulings from June 2003 onwards, the Gagging Order tyranny was born and I was the first journalist in Britain to be given a lifetime Gagging Order. 

I now have three Gagging Orders – instruments of tyranny – and they have ruined and destroyed every aspect of my life, including my good health. I have been separated from my home, lost my mother and two women that I loved because they couldn’t cope with the hate backlash for daring to be with me. 

The witchunt is particularly ferocious when targeting women I am romantically involved with. In June last year, I was becoming very close with Tory political activist Alicja Borkowska, we met through Vote Leave but we could not take our relationship to the next level because I would not comply and submit to tyranny. 

We went our separate ways and the parting comment from Alicja was “it is so unjust that someone so nice as you has been treated like this, your life is destroyed.” Her tearful words cut to the bone but what she said was completely true. It hurt like hell to lose her but I had to continue the battle. 

I decided not to have a relationship again whilst living under the hell of Gagging Orders but just weeks later I met Vote Leave Activist Support Manager Caroline Stephens and my world changed completely. Caroline changed my outlook on everything and in short order we fell deeply in love. 

When Caroline said “we are soulmates”, I was overjoyed because I had never met any woman I regarded as a soulmate but Caroline was like the other half of my soul. Together we campaigned to invoke Article 50 but quickly the terrorists responded with a merciless hate campaign against Caroline, all of it criminal harassment but none of the criminals involved has been arrested. 

Their objective was to separate us politically and the lies they told Caroline about me was a new low in the sickening smear campaign against me and in the end Caroline did not know what to believe. In late November last year, unable to cope with the unpopularity of being politically and romantically involved with me, we went our separate ways, she couldn’t cope with the bullying any longer. 

What did I do to provoke such intense hatred from a small number of vicious trolls? In 2013, I started a campaign to expose the gang of neo-Nazis responsible for my attempted murder on 20 January 1990 and my objective was to bring them to justice. 

Social Media had given me the perfect public campaign platform and I worked round the clock to get Derbyshire Police to arrest five men still wanted for the “particularly horrific attack” on me and they had escaped prosecution because of Special Branch using some of them as assets. 

Derbyshire Police solicitor Craig Sutherland claimed the attack “never happened” and that I had fabricated the entire incident and in essence that I was “delusional”. A smear campaign erupted against me on social media in September 2013 and the hatred was breathtaking. Derbyshire Police allowed all of the malefactors to escape prosecution. 

They had set a new criterion in hate: Anyone could say whatever they wanted to about me but if I dared to defend myself against such smears, I was harassing the vile trolls spouting lies about me. It was like being in a boxing match with a gang of bullies with both my arms tied to the ropes while they beat the hell out of me, cowards cannot fight any other way. 

I was arrested, prosecuted, convicted without a jury, sent to prison, subjected to three Gagging Orders using EU ‘hate speech’ legislation and thrown into a living hell far worse than anything I had endured before since that brutal attack in 1990. 

I had lived in fear of exposing the neo-Nazi gang ever since but in 2013, I could not surrender to fear any longer and decided to bring them to justice. Instead, I was sent to prison, subjected to Gagging Orders whilst the neo-Nazi British Movement gangsters walked the streets spouting their racial hatred protected by corrupt police officers. 

The evidence proves that I was subjected to a “particularly horrific attack” and the evil malefactors were never brought to justice despite the fact the corrupt police knew the names of everyone involved

In May 2015, the Director of Public Prosecutions confirmed in writing that Alastair Bulman, Peter Brood, Richard Wilson, Jack Nesbitt and their leader Daniel Tolan could still be prosecuted but corrupt Derbyshire Police refused to hand over an evidence file to the CPS. Despite repeated requests, the Government has done nothing to compel Derbyshire Police to hand over the evidence because it’s a cover-up. 

Instead they subject me to terror campaigns that destroy my relationships and make the women involved with me hate me or appear to in public just to save their own skins. In turn the terrorists working with the corrupt police abuse and threaten me with impunity from prosecution and always escape prosecution. 

They are the architects and proponents of real ‘hate speech’ whereas I fight only to restore freedom of expression for everyone and the only way to do this is to #RepealEULaw from 1 January 1973. 

Derbyshire Police detective and UKIP member Mick Twomey started a smear campaign against me in October 2016, immediately targeting Caroline Stephens telling her I was “a danger to women” and she should dump me immediately. This is the same corrupt Derbyshire Police involved in a criminal conspiracy to protect a gang of neo-Nazis since 1990.

My entire life, if my life could be described as ‘living’, has been destroyed and because of the hate campaign against me, now even my soulmate Caroline Stephens openly regrets having met me, not because I mistreated her, in fact I gave her all the love in the world, her regret is caused by a political and police terror campaign. 

Now Caroline is making a comeback and vows to ‘stand up to the bullies’ this time but I doubt she’ll ever be able to do anything of the sort, she crumbled like powder in November last year but I hope that she does fight them, even though we cannot be together again in this life. 

Is this the monstrous terrorism that you want to live under? Do you want to become the regime’s next victim because the thought police have arrested over 5,000 people for ‘hate speech’ since the Brexit vote last year. The courts are now handing out Gagging Orders like confetti and this tyranny has to be stopped. 

Wanting to maintain her Gagging Order tyranny at any cost Theresa May now proposes to transpose EU law into our law during Brexit and this will mean we never really leave the EU, we will still be subjected to its tyrannical laws. 

We voted to leave the EU, we voted to reject every article of its legislation since 1 January 1973 and that is exactly what we must have fulfilled. We need a British Constitution for a newly independent nation and the restoration of freedom of speech for everyone. 

I implore you to support the #StrongerOUT campaign to #RepealEULaw because you could easily be the next victim of the EU ‘hate speech’ tyranny and Gagging Orders destroy lives and entire families. 

“In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell 1984.


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