Join the #StrongerOUT campaign to #RepealEULaw to restore #FreeSpeech

Today #StrongerOUT launches the campaign to #RepealEULaw as part of the complete Brexit policy. 

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The Prime Minister – a Remain campaigner – has proposed the transposition of #EU law into our law as part of the Great Reform Bill and this is not what the majority voted for at the EUref. 

Let it be clear, the Leave platform was to leave the EU completely and that included the repeal of all EU legislation on our statute book since 1 January 1973. All of this legislation can be repealed with a single act of Parliament. 

We propose that an entirely organic British Bill of Rights replaces tyrannical and/or outlandish EU law. Only when we have repealed EU law will the decree absolute from Brussels be completed. 

Retaining EU law will mean ‘Britain’ is still under the sociopolitical thraldom of the Eurocrats and we rejected their tyrannical laws on 23 June 2016 in the Great Rebellion designed to restore British freedoms, particularly free speech. 

EU law has introduced the Gagging Order tyranny and the massive assault on freedom of expression using the political tool of ‘hate speech’ to silence opposition and control the mindset of the population. 

We aim to restore your tight to criticise errant public servants or to express your opinion, particularly on social media, without fear of being arrested for offending an extreme left-wing shibboleth. 

EU law is rooted in left-wing ideology and its inherent contempt and intolerance of free speech, particularly those with right-wing political views. 

Theresa May is either clueless and has no detailed plan for a Great Repeal Bill or because of her Remain stance, she wants Britain to become an offshore protectorate of the EU by retaining foreign laws rejected by the majority. 

Since 2010, when Theresa May became Home Secretary, she has overseen the introduction of the Gagging Order culture and the State-sponsored terror campaign against those who reject extreme left-wing ideology. What Theresa May wants is what she has created, an Orwellian tyranny in which freedom of speech is controlled by the political police with the ultimate threat of force to enforce leftist ideology. 

Being in the EU has created a Soviet-style tyranny in which compliance with left-wing ideology is mandatory or the dissident faces imprisonment for speaking or writing the truth. We reject this foreign law dictatorship and we campaign to restore free speech for everyone. 

#RepealEULaw will restore free speech by removing EU legislation from the statute book

Write to your MP to make it perfectly clear that you will not tolerate the retention of EU law and that you will vote tactically against any MP that supports the transposition deception.  

Campaign on social media forums and use the hashtags #FreeSpeechMatters #RepealEULaw and #StrongerOUT to attract attention to the campaign. 

In particular, target MPs on Twitter that support transposition and make it clear that you will not tolerate the retention of EU legislation. 

Challenged pro-Brexit MPs to ascertain what plan if any they have for a Bill of Rights immediately after the Great Repeal Act 2018.

We can only do this together and we will succeed by spreading the word and acting as one to restore free speech in the national interest. 

We do not propose to create a situation whereby people are allowed to say whatever they want in the public domain but the current ‘hate speech’ is going to be consigned to the dustbin of history. 

Remember, we are in this struggle to kill the idea that one person can have more rights under law than another person. Public servants are not immune from criticism, they are not above the law. 

British freedoms will only be restored when we have eradicated all EU legislation.

This campaign was created by journalist Simon Tomlin, subjected to three Gagging Orders using EU legislation. Join #StrongerOUT now to restore your #FreeSpeech. 

Simon Tomlin was nominated for a freedom of speech award on 12 June 2015 at the Russian Embassy in London, presented by Bilateral Relations Counsellor Sergey Nalobin at the Ambassador’s Residence. The citation read: “We believe you qualify for this award because when ordered to stop exposing corruption, instead you preferred to go to prison in defence of the truth.”

4 thoughts on “Join the #StrongerOUT campaign to #RepealEULaw to restore #FreeSpeech

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  1. I’m glad to see someone on the side of the 17.400 000, that voted to leave the dreaded E U on June the 23 / 2016, who would have thought that it would have dragged on and every excuse and obstruction by the remoaners has been used to delay our departure, it’s nice to know that there are people like you that are helping to keep the respect and will of the people of Britain 🇬🇧 and protecting our democracy. Thank you

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  2. I see that we seem to be sliding backwards with little progress being made with the E U negotiations, that doesn’t surprise me, with the way everything seems to be going in the political world, they don’t seem to adhere to the will of what the people voted for just making excuses for there own will and agendas, and everybody sticking there own bits in to persuade the government to do what they want, now we have E U commissioners delaying talks until we are forced to concede a divorce payment, I don’t remember it being a wedding when we joined, would it not amount to bigamy because there are so many other countries involved. It now appears that certain issues are being put forward , like our Brexit exit date might have to be made into a transitional period, which would effectively extend our leaving the E U by possibly 4 years, I hope that is not the case, the stumbling areas are eu citizens rights and British working within the e u, freedom of movement, and Irish boarder controls, I think the E U need to stay out of our affairs with our concerns over Ireland, really has nothing to do with them. Once again we should get on with leaving the E U with or without a deal within the two year period, I think we are being lead down a path in the hope that politicians are getting more time to twist things to there will and there advantage, to keep us tied to the E U. We voted out with no ties except to do our own thing and be free from Brussels rule and interference so we can get on with trade deals with the rest of the world.

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