#OperationBeacon campaign to trigger Article 50 was successful

The objective of #OperationBeacon was to ensure Article 50 was invoked

The purpose of Operation Beacon was to ensure Article 50 was triggered and to leave Theresa May with no wriggle room. We held her to ransom, a proxy of the Brexit movement and our campaign succeeded. 

In October 2016, when we demanded Theresa May set a clear timetable and a fixed date for the invocation of Article 50, she complied within 5 days. We did not stop, we kept up the pressure to ensure a complete Brexit. 

By 6 November, we had brought in over 114,000 hits on this website after the High Court ruling on A50 and we set the Brexit movement alight with Operation Beacon as Brexiteers realised we were the only campaign group with an organised presence. 

UKIP did nothing to campaign to trigger A50 and actively took steps, many of them criminal, to stop our campaign in league with the Bruges Group but they failed ultimately. 

With the campaign a roaring success because I did 95% of the work to make it succeed, UKIP and the Bruges Group launched a dirty tricks campaign against Caroline Stephens, subjected her to horrendous abuse and threats designed to break our alliance. 

By 10 November, UKIP member Mark Skinner had sent her a message on WhatsApp saying ‘I am waiting for you!’ Caroline said Skinner was effectively blackmailing her and demanding that she have sex with him to ensure he kept his mouth shut about the fact she kissed him twice on separate occasions in May 2016.

Skinner said he knew where Caroline lived and would turn up at her home and tell her husband they’d had an affair and destroy her sham marriage. Caroline turned to me for help but I told her there was nothing I could do to help her because the screen captures were incontrovertible evidence. 

David Wilkinson and Gerard Batten and their corrupt police connections led the hate campaign against her to stop the A50 campaign but I refused to back down and told Caroline that I would not conceal her indiscretions and nor would I deny our affair if it leaked out. 

I focused entirely on the A50 campaign but I felt deeply for my lover because I could not help her and she knew it. The whole time I maintained the pressure on the Government to trigger A50 and the campaign worked. 

Having pulled her invitation to speak outside Parliament on 23 November, the same day Caroline attacked this website with an accomplice acting on the orders of Batten and Wilkinson and destroyed the entire online campaign but it had already succeeded. 

Barmy Batten was urging everyone in UKIP not to campaign for A50 and instead concentrate on repealing the ECA 1972, an impossible task because the cessation legal process is the invocation of A50 first, followed by repeal of the ECA. 

I have been proved right, made Batten look like an impotent fool and defeated him by ensuring the Government had no choice than to trigger A50 or face an uprising by Brexiteers led by the Operation Beacon campaign. 

Together, we succeeded once again to shape the course of history, leaving the UKIP and Bruges Group clowns humiliated and the Government forced to do something they never wanted to do. 

The legal action against A50 failed and in short order, Parliament voted by a massive majority to invoke A50 and our work was completed. 

UKIP and the Bruges Group, actively engaged in trying to push through CETA, ordered Caroline Stephens to stop asking questions and threatened her into silence, eventually turning her against me. The malicious fools destroyed our personal relationship but they failed to stop our A50 campaign from succeeding. 

Everyone who supported and funded the campaign, this is your victory, we did it together, we won. 

I lost the woman I loved and she went on a revenge mission against me that nearly succeeded in destroying me but she failed. 

I led you to victory with Operation Beacon. Today we should celebrate our success because complete Brexit is now going ahead and there will no Brexit-lite. 

Caroline played a part in our success until she was forced to turn against us on 23 November 2016 and we thank her for the positive work she did before she became a proxy wrecker. 

The Great Rebellion has now triumphed and I salute you. 

All that remains is the complete repeal of all EU legislation since 1972 and our task now is to derail transposition of EU law into British law. Together we will triumph again. 

The Great Rebellion 2016 ends in victory

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