Wilders trial shows why we must reject Theresa May’s transposition of EU law

Support Wilders in his battle for freedom of speech… #StrongerOut

The left-wing EU tyranny is absolutely committed to wiping out freedom of speech and the latest politically motivated show trial of Geert Wilders proves it beyond doubt.

For those who have forgotten, Theresa May campaigned for Remain at the EUref and she is still a Brussels puppet, her thinking is entirely in sync with the left-wing tyranny.

It was tyrant Theresa that introduced the gagging order culture as Home Secretary and now as Prime Minister, she intends to transpose all EU law into British law to maintain the EU tyranny after Brexit.

I have warned Brexiteers repeatedly about this great threat to our nation and if we transpose EU law into our law, in real terms we never leave the political and legal system of the EU, this is NOT Brexit!

A small number of Brexiteers -mostly UKIP idiots – have swallowed Theresa May’s claim that we can then pick and choose which laws we want to keep. The 52% voted to reject the EU in its entirety and that includes all of its tyrannical legislation.

We will not accept transposition of the Brussels tyranny into our law, we want a truly organic Bill of Rights that has no influence from the EU and we will accept nothing less.

Wilders expressed his opinion, which is his right but his prosecution proves that the EU’s left-wing fanatics will not tolerate freedom of speech and all European nationalists must now form into a solid phalanx against the corrupt €urocrats to consign their tyranny to the dustbin of history.

I have three gagging orders from this corrupt regime, all of the legislation used against me can be traced to the ECJ in 2003, when a panel of crackpot judges decided public servants had to be protected from public criticism.

Europeans need to wake up to the fact that the Brussels elite and their corrupt thug police are now enemy number one in the battle for freedom of speech and individual liberty.

Nationalist Wilders is now the most popular politician in Holland and it is to be hoped that the Dutch come to their senses in 2017 and elect him to lead the country out of the EU.

The EU is now the new Soviet Union in which the private life of the individual is dead and freedom of speech is illegal. 

Make a stand now and remove this tyranny at the ballot box across the whole of Europe. This is your last chance to leave the EU peacefully, use it wisely or leave the crumbling EU later in bloodshed and civil war.

“Thus ever for tyrants”

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