Daily Agenda launches #StrongerOUT campaign for complete #Brexit

Because we’re #StrongerOut

Today the Daily Agenda launches the #StrongerOut campaign to petition for the invocation of #Article50 and thereafter complete-Brexit. 

I want to make it clear that I genuinely regret campaigning on behalf of Vote Leave during the EUref and under no circumstances would I have loaned my talents to the UKIP troll factory at LeaveEU. 

I am still committed to complete-Brexit but both Vote Leave and LeaveEU are now in the Brexit-lite business and it’s a betrayal of what the 52% voted for on 23 June. 

I had always intended to start my own independent campaign #StrongerOut before the EUref but did not have time to do so because of the demands of working 12-hour night shifts. 

On 2 June this year, I started using the #StrongerOut hashtag on Twitter and Facebook to counter the StrongerIn logo used by Remain and it was entirely successful, particularly in the Twittersphere. 

I wish to make it clear that I have parted ways with Caroline Stephens because we have fundamentally different ideas of how to pursue the battle for Brexit. 

Today sees the beginning of the Government’s appeal to the Supreme Court to invoke #Article50 using the Royal Prerogative and I support this action because it is the proper legal procedure for leaving the EU under the terms of The Lisbon Treaty Act 2008.

UKIP and LeaveEU have gone on a wild goose chase dropping their campaign for #Article50 and instead pursuing the repeal of the ECA instead; it’s a completely unrealistic strategy, it is untenable and will not succeed, it is designed to lead Brexiteers down a blind alley, all part of the safety valve operation that UKIP has always been. 

Instead, the #StrongerOut campaign will focus directly on the invocation of Article 50, followed by the repeal of the ECA and complete opposition to Brexit-lite. 

I urge genuine Brexiteers in touch with the real world to support this fundamentally important campaign to ensure Brexit is carried through in its entirety. 

I have always been of the opinion that Brexit will come in two phases, firstly Brexit-lite because of the betrayal of UKIP and the complete-Brexit in a nationalist backlash against this betrayal. 

Brexiteers should be prepared for the long haul and forget quick fix solutions and the mythical “hard Brexit”.  In reality, it will take a maximum of 10 years to secure complete-Brexit and during this time many battles lie ahead to fight and win. 

Thank you to everyone who supported the #StrongerOut campaign on social media when it was launched in June this year. 

#StrongerOut is the Copyright © of Simon Tomlin, established 2 June 2016.


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