UKIP dropping the campaign for Article50 is political suicide 

Paul Nuttall has shown he has no grasp of real world strategy and is completely ignorant of the law

Paul Nuttall announced his leadership of UKIP this week with a policy reversal leading to the political graveyard and it has to be argued if he has taken leave of his limited senses. 

What is UKIP’s thinking on the abandonment of Art50 when there is no realistic prospect of repealing the ECA before Art 50 is invoked. Theresa May and her pro-EU Tory regime will breathe a sigh of relief now that UKIP has decided to go down a blind alley from which there is no return. 

But why has UKIP adopted this suicidal approach to Brexit? First of all, UKIP is not in favour of complete Brexit and its immigration policy is a little tougher than the Tory open-door policy rejected by the 52% at the EUref. 

Nuttall appointed fruitloop Gerard Batten to his team of sycophants and immediately the hidden hand behind this policy shift was revealed. Batty Batten has argued for years that the ECA must be repealed first and that A50 is practically irrelevant. 

But the legal position for leaving the EU is invocation of A50 followed by the repeal of the ECA and only then if a majority of MPs consent to repeal. UKIP’s chances of repealing the ECA before triggering A50 are non-existent, the party is led by fools guided by a man that should spend his time hunting UFOs. 

Batten is a dogmatic fanatic of the worst type and trying to talk sense to this arrogant fool is an impossible task as I’ve discovered since August this year. The man’s arrogance is only marginally worse than his stupidity and he should now be dismissed for the crank that he is. 

In the real world, with just one MP, how will UKIP be able to repeal the ECA? The reality is no MPs other than the solitary UKIP contributor favour repealing the ECA before A50 is invoked and as a result the safety valve accusation again surfaces against UKIP and Nuttall. 

There is every reason to believe that UKIP is a Government-controlled safety valve and this insane policy supports the allegation with great credence. The policy is a non-starter from the outset, the ECA will NOT be revealed before A50 is invoked and UKIP has recruited not one sitting MP to support this crazy policy that is a boon to Remain. 

No sane patriot could ever follow this lunacy, no genuine Brexiteer could ever walk down this transparent blind alley into a strategic trap of collosal proportions. If UKIP follows this policy and it is, it is finished and the field is now wide open for the resurgence of the British National Party. 

Until 2012, the BNP was well ahead of UKIP on every front including the EU and this fact makes a mockery of UKIP claims to have “won the referendum” and no one else played a part in the victory. In reality, UKIP and its LeaveEU outfit scored no more than 35% of the vote and that is the most generous estimate. 

63% of Labour voters voted Leave and that was primarily the success of Vote Leave and UKIP had nothing to do with this groundswell whatsoever. Delusion now rules the roost in UKIP and its members should quit immediately if they genuinely want complete Brexit. 

A salient fact that UKIP will hate is that Caroline Stephens, Activist Support Manager at Vote Leave secured the backing of the Greens that enabled Vote Leave to get the lead ticket to present the Brexit case to the people, LeaveEU took second place. Stephens then resigned from a fractious and divided UKIP after her blindingly brilliant performance during the EUref campaign. 

The current state of UKIP is that of the dream world, it’s leaders have no grasp of strategic and tactical reality and this ECA positioning is the worst possible move for the entire Brexit movement. 

Since the referendum victory, arrogant, deluded UKIP fanatics have caused immense damage in the Brexit movement with their fairy tale claims of having won the EUref. All of the division that has surfaced has been caused by UKIP and it is most definitely a safety valve operation now showing its true colours. 

British nationalists have always been the vanguard of the Brexit cause and political terms UKIP has only been on the scene for four years since the BNP imploded under Nick Griffin’s appalling misdirection. But now the BNP is making an astounding come back and has raised more funds than UKIP and the SNP combined. 

The simple truth is that UKIP has to be stopped from taking genuine Brexiteers down a blind alley with pursuit of the ECA over A50 and it is essential that UKIP is not the premier Brexit party come the next General Election. 

Nationalists must now put aside their differences, unite in common cause against UKIP, bury the plastic patriots at the ballot box and secure the lead ticket in the ongoing battle for complete #Brexit. 


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    1. True but this story is actually very straightforward. ECA cannot be repealed before Art50 is invoked and the EU’s legal requirement is to trigger A50 to start the leave process. Very simple story, the factual position.


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