UKIP candidates subjected to psycho-analytical screening by private security company

Who authorised Hope Not Hate to vet UKIP candidates? 

UKIP Bolster Candidate Vetting For 2014 – Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes has ‘revealed’ on his blog that UKIP will resort to subjecting its candidates to “rigorous psycho-analytical screening” ahead of the European Parliament elections in 2014.

UKIP will use a ‘private company’ to conduct the vetting but no details are available yet as to the nature of this company. Will the security company be staffed by former police and intelligence officers?

We ‘trust’ this private company will not be connected to Hope Not Hate, which has already tried to dictate who can be a UKIP member.

Likewise, it is to be hoped UKIP will not resort to using the likes of Kroll – colloquially known as the ‘Wall Street CIA’ – to vet potential candidates.

And we have to pose the question right here, right now… will this vetting be extended to people who submit membership applications to join UKIP?

Precisely how this vetting stands in terms of breaching data protection legislation is a moot point for lawyers to argue over but we find this whole vetting procedure a worrying indicator.

We are of the opinion that UKIP will actually drive away many people who want to join the party. The vetting policy could in actual fact work in reverse and cause UKIP more harm than good.

Just how many people will apply to join a political party with an agenda to turn the lives of its supporters inside-out? This clinical paranoia has now reached new heights as UKIP becomes ever more desperate not to be seen as ‘extreme’ or ‘racist’.

UKIP is not setting any new trends and does not really represent any force for real change. On the contrary, the party is merely backing down to the bullying left-wing mindset led by the likes of Government-funded ‘Hope Not Hate’.

Would you join a political party that hires a ‘private company’ to invade your privacy… in the ‘best’ interests of the political party you want to represent?

Of course, Establishment clown Guido Fawkes thinks it’s a great idea and he would considering the fact that he’s a useful idiot of the political class and cannot survive without them.

In reality, UKIP is trying to create identikit ‘candidates’ – essentially, robots who will adhere to the party manifesto and not entertain or express any opinion other than what the party wants.

This is not ‘freedom’ of expression, it is utter control, backed up with the thought police of a ‘private company’. Consequently, we must urge nationalists and patriots not to submit any membership applications to UKIP.

The reality of the situation is that UKIP is simply becoming an ‘accepted’ part of the political class and is being dictated to about who can join the party.

Its trolls smear anyone who dares to poses embarrassing questions – a fact we learned last week over of the HNH vetting issue. “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear”…

At News Alliance we will NOT support any political party that caves in to the corrupt political Establishment and believes MI5-type vetting is ‘acceptable’.

And we pose the question once again after the ‘secret’ meetings between Nigel Farage and Rupert Murdoch: Precisely what has Farage promised the News Corp gangster in return for his corrupt rags supporting UKIP?

Considering the fact UKIP supporters do not like awkward questions and respond with smears on social media, we fully expect the cranks to erupt again over this murky issue.

Asking questions of this nature does not constitute a ‘smear campaign’ against UKIP. We are simply asking the questions that the tame mainstream media does not ask, afraid of the answers…

In summary, UKIP is NOT a political party we can support and we withdraw support for this organisation with immediate effect.

We will continue to monitor this vetting scandal and ask questions people do not want asked, let alone answered.

In closing, we are reminded of the BNP membership scandal and the cowardly surrender of Nick Griffin to the fanatical anti-racist mob over who could be a member of that party.

When the BNP wanted to vet candidates in their homes, it caused fake ‘outrage’ from the anti-racist Mafia but when UKIP wants to go even further, it’s acceptable to the quasi-left. Get the picture?

Is history now repeating itself with UKIP?

(This article was first published on 
18 June 2013 on The Daily Agenda blog by Simon Tomlin and is reproduced from the DA News archive.)


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