HM Government funds Hope Not Hate smear merchants to target UKIP

Matthew Collins, paid Special Branch informer and Searchlight smear merchant

The news that ‘Hope Not Hate’ (HNH) is funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government should come as no surprise to UKIP members and supporters. This Tory-led regime is desperate to curtail the threat posed to its core vote by UKIP.Semantics over ‘democracy’ aside, what this shows is an orchestrated policy on the part of HM Government, its politicised ‘police’ and paid quasi-left smear merchants to target and control UKIIf UKIP cannot be tamed and brought under the control of shadow government, it will be subjected to the same vicious smear campaign HNH and the mass media launched against the BNP and EDL.

In a brilliant expose, NFB Magazine tears the HNH agenda to pieces in a manner so typical of Britain’s premier para-political magazine. The article is so damning that it should become compulsory reading for all UKIP members and supporters.

In 2004, Nick Lowles (pictured below) offered to promote a book written by Simon Smith-Tomlin (News Alliance editor) if he joined the campaign to “Smash the BNP”.

Nick Lowles, self-styled anti-racist campaigner funded by HM Government

Even though Simon needed influential support to promote The Fanatics, he rejected the offer and explained that he did “not share the same agenda of Searchlight Magazine”.

Lowles must have had a very short memory indeed when offering to promote Simon’s book. At the time, Lowles was in bed with Searchlight Magazine; in September/October 1990, Searchlight Magazine smeared Simon in an ‘article’ accusing him of being a ‘secret’ member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Lowles and HNH are also connected to John Blake, owner of Blake Publishing. In 2002, Simon rejected a publishing contract with Blake because editor Nick Davies wanted to concoct incidents that never happened.

The false allegation was made at Derby Crown Court in September 1990, during the criminal trial of neo-Nazi thug Gordon Jackson, who was convicted of leading a gang attack on Simon which almost killed him.

Barrister Noel Philo and solicitor Ron Birkett concocted the smear to portray Simon in a poor light but their smear tactics failed and the jury convicted their evil client Jackson.

But “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” is the real motto of Searchlight and Hope Not Hate – they printed the allegation as ‘fact’ and hid behind the absolute privilege extended to lawyers and journalists at a criminal trial.

There was not a shred of truth in the allegation/smear and the jury rejected the entire smear campaign against Simon. But such facts do not concern grubby little lawyers and the smear merchants at HNH.

And on the subject of the notorious Special Branch, the evidence is perfectly clear that Gordon Jackson struck a deal with Derbyshire Police Special Branch to become a paid informer spying on Blood & Honour and the British Movement.

It is time UKIP supporters and members realised that they have no friends in HM Government, its politicised ‘police’, mainstream media and the paid hate brigade masquerading as ‘Hope’ Not Hate. In fact that misnomer should be corrected here because the outfit is in truth ‘Hate Not Hope’.

One of the leading ‘campaigners’ in HNH is Matthew Collins, who turned against the National Front and became a paid Special Branch informer and activist with Searchlight Magazine.

In fact, it was Special Branch officers who rushed to his rescue when a plot to kill him was detected inside Combat 18. But at the time, C18 was heavily infiltrated by Special Branch and MI5 and we have serious doubts that any real plot existed.

In the event, Collins was relocated to Melbourne, Australia for his own safety. But when the BNP became a major threat again, his paymasters called him out of quasi-retirement to rejoin the campaign to “Smash the BNP”. A paid puppet merely performs to the demands of its masters.

HNH is not a genuine left-wing anti-racist movement, it is entirely in bed with the State and its shady secret operators. Anyone who supports and works with HNH is just another “useful idiot” being exploited by the State and its ruthless spooks.

So why is UKIP now in the crosshairs of this deplorable nexus of dirty tricks? Precisely because UKIP is now the big threat to the rotten political Establishment, and this Tory-led regime is desperate to circumvent the threat posed to it core vote by UKIP.

Recent polls have put UKIP support at around 19% and continuing to rise. The Huffington Post conducted a poll last week that indicated UKIP would win the European Parliament elections. This has terrified the corrupt political class because they perceive clearly the end of their slurping at the gravy train.

The pro-EU fanatics in HNH and their new Tory paymasters are committed to controlling UKIP and if the party leadership does not comply; the organisation will be smashed in much the same way the BNP was dealt with.

The main problem for HNH is that public opinion, after a series of enormous corruption scandals, and the collapse of the Eurozone, is turning away from the Old Gang. There is now a real, widespread desire across Britain for real change.

We are also at a loss to understand why HNH would want to see the UKIP membership list? Apparently, it’s to ensure there are no “closet racists and homophobes” lurking in the ranks. In real terms, it’s a scam to get inside-knowledge on UKIP members with which to smear them.

Why on earth is the UKIP leadership giving HNH any form of cooperation? Is Farage afraid of the terror campaign HNH/HMG could launch against UKIP?

The precedent was set with the hate campaign against the BNP and Farage knows what to expect if he does not cooperate with the HNH/HMG nexus.

Nonetheless, UKIP leaders need to reject all overtures and threats from HNH and continue the growing campaign to win power because only with power will HNH be put out of business permanently.

If HNH does resort to a vicious smear campaign against UKIP members and candidates, the way to counter this threat is to sue HNH for defamation in a class action. Then UKIP will find out the extent of who funds HNH and in so doing smash its smear operation.

UKIP supporters should never underestimate this State pseudo-gang camouflaged as an anti-racist movement. In fact, Special Branch officers pride themselves on their boast “once SB gets inside an organisation, it is finished.”

The tactic used by MI5/SB/HNH is “disruptive action” and it is clear that UKIP is already being targeted. Prior to the European Parliament elections next year, UKIP supporters will discover the true extent of the smear campaign being organised against them.

Both Nigel Farage and UKIP must make preparations to deal with the hate brigade and defeat them. UKIP represents the very last chance for British nationalism to succeed at the ballot box.

(This article was first published by Simon Tomlin on 1 June 2013 at 08:07:50hrs on The Daily Agenda blog and is reproduced from the DA News archive.)


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