Majority of Brexiteers are tired of UKIP claims about winning the referendum 

UKIP played no part in the carpet bombing campaign I devised to defeat Remain on social media

The majority of Brexiteers have grown tired of ridiculous claims by UKIP that they won the referendum and effectively no one else made any difference. In reality, Vote Leave was primarily responsible for our referendum victory. 

The high watermark of the UKIP vote was 3.8 million at the 2015 General Election and there has been no discernible increase since then. Of approximately 17.5 million people who voted for Brexit, around 35% of the vote came from UKIP and LeaveEU working in tandem. 

UKIP most definitely did not win the referendum and the bitter abuse by Kippers against non-UKIP Brexiteers is simply breathtaking; the party is whipping up hatred of anyone that dares to criticise its fairy tale claims about Brexit. 

I backed Vote Leave from the opening ambit and not once did I work with or for UKIP and LeaveEU. Such facts are lost on the bitter Kippers as they now seek to divide the Brexit movement. 

In fact, in response to Project Fear, I coined the term ‘Project Fact’ and which was common parlance on social media and hugely effective. Only for UKIP to then take the idea, claim it as its own and emblazon it on the party battle bus. I did not make an issue of it at the time because I did not want the Brexit movement to appear divided. 

PROJECT FACT: Theft of my intellectual copyright by UKIP during the referendum

In fact, the only comment I made on this issue was on Facebook to say ‘bit Cheeky of UKIP to steal my idea and not give me recognition.’ UKIP is packed with clueless intellect copyright thieves and the thought that they could plot a winning strategy for the referendum is too laughable for words. 

So if UKIP won the referendum, what part did the party play in my carpet bombing strategy against Remain? The answer is none. I also coined the hashtag #StrongerOut to counter Remain’s #StrongerIn and I don’t remember UKIP playing any part in this. 

On 2 June, I outlined the strategy on social media to Brexiteers for the right conduct of our campaign. I don’t remember UKIP being involved in this campaign in the slightest. 

As the campaign gathered momentum, we launched the carpet bombing campaign with huge success and Remain almost disappeared completely on Twitter. UKIP played no part in the battle and the thousands of people who followed me had done so since the early days of the Daily Agenda. 

With just 24 hours to go before voting began, I initiated the final stage of the carpet bombing campaign called ‘The Big Push’ and the evidence is documented below. No wild claims like UKIP, just incontrovertible fact supported by evidence. 

The Big Push tipped the balance for Vote Leave on Twitter

Between 17:30 and 18:00hrs on Sky News on 24 June as the shock of our great victory began to sink in, three Oxbridge-educated political scientists were interviewed and asked to explain why Leave had won. 

They went into the matter in great detail and explained that “a huge tweet storm that peaked between 18:00 and 20:00hrs on 23 June, had caught floating voters at exactly the right time and tipped the balance towards Leave.” I used the hashtag #VoteLeave not LeaveEU or UKIP. 

My entire campaign was based on years of very successful campaigning on the Internet and combined the use of military tactics converted for use on social media. In the last 24 hours of the campaign, Remain was destroyed on Twitter and that was my objective from the outset. 

UKIP played no part in my campaign whatsoever, I did not correspond with UKIP or LeaveEU at any time, so I’m at a loss to understand how UKIP played any part in the referendum winning strategy. 

The fact is, UKIP and LeaveEU played a significant 35% role in winning the referendum but these claims of winning the referendum outright are downright offensive to the 65% that was not influenced by UKIP and LeaveEU. 

The proper way to deal with our victory is to say that all Brexiteers played their part in the victory and UKIP arrogance is simply intolerable, let alone the vile abuse and threats made by dozens of Kippers against me for exposing the hard facts to the world. 

I would suggest that Kippers approach Sky News to obtain the footage of the interviews with the political scientists on 24 June but then that would be too close for comfort for lying UKIP. 

I am proud of the leading role I played in our referendum victory but I would never dare to claim that I alone won the referendum and UKIP must stop making this idiotic claim as well. 

Only last week, I caught the UKIP thieves stealing my intellectual copyright again by trying to rip off my #OperationBeacon concept, blueprinted entirely by me and UKIP played no part in the strategy. 

UKIP members admit stealing my concept and then indulge in a round of abuse against me

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  1. I would have thought it better to build bridges with like minded people – you are beginning to sound like the Labour Party. I don’t care how we get out, just as long as we get out. Start focusing on activities that are positive and moving towards getting us out. What our politicians say and do won’t count for anything until Article 50 is invoked. We must make sure Mrs May sticks to her word and does this before the end of March. My guess is that we would never had a referendum if it had not been for Farage and UKIP, just get on with the job. Best regards, David Brigden


    1. David, we are doing everything in our power to trigger #Article50 and complete Brexit, that’s what #OperationBeacon is about but when people like Caroline Stephens and her hacker throw a spanner in the works, it only helps Remain. I am tired of UKIP antics and their faction fighting that divides the Brexit movement. Anyway, despite all, I will press on with #OperationBeacon for all Brexiteers


      1. Simon, we know you played a major part in winning the referendum for us but leaving us now is not the answer. We need a strategy to finish the job and get A50 invoked. Stay with us and help us to win.


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