After massive Corbyn victory Labour should now back Brexit 

A lifelong campaigner for Brexit until the referendum

Corbyn’s massive victory over Remain fanatic Owen Smith should signal a switch in Labour Party policy to openly back Brexit. 

There is little point in Corbyn maintaining this ridiculous facade that he supports Remain, when in fact his entire career was spent campaigning against the EU. 

The truth is that the defeated Blairites compelled Corbyn to switch sides for the sake of party unity. But the moment Remain lost, the treacherous Blairites stabbed their leader in the back and forced a leadership contest that ended in their utter humiliation. 

Remain fanatic Owen Smith threatened to stop Brexit, a massive vote loser for Labour and 61.8% of the party membership voted against his nefarious plans to plunge the country into civil war. 

On Sky News last night, it was revealed that 50% of Labour voters have deserted the party because of its Remain stance. 63% of Labour voters voted LEAVE at the EUref and it is understandable that they feel betrayed. This leaves them wide open to being recruited by UKIP at the next General Election. 

No one should be fooled by the extent of Corbyn’s victory, it does not conceal the fact that the Labour vote is in meltdown across the country. 

Corbyn now faces the enormous task of keeping Labour as the official opposition and if he sticks to backing Remain, his party is heading for the near fringes of British politics. 

He now has a mandate from the 61.8% to do two things: Firstly, purge the backstabbing Blairites from the party and secondly, alter Labour policy to support Brexit to bring back the 50% now in the wilderness after the EUref. 

Does Corbyn understand the grand strategy, does he actually see the big picture? We’ll find out in the coming weeks if he is leading Labour to crushing defeat by sticking with Remain or if he is leading the party to resurgence by backing Brexit. 

In Corbyn’s position, I would begin the purge against the Remain Blairites within a week to cleanse the party of disruptive influences within and then openly support Brexit to recapture the 50% now languishing in the wilderness. 

The question is though, does Corbyn have the strength of character to take such bold steps to restore his party or is he under the cosh of the moderate Remain faction that now want Brexit-lite? 

My opinion is that Corbyn will pursue Brexit-lite in league with Open Britain and then run straight into the massed ranks of the Brexit movement for a defining battle that will end his leadership after the next General Election. 

There has been much talk in political circles of the fanatical Blairites leaving Labour to form an alliance with the Lib Dems on the outer fringes of politics. It is a step they should take urgently because they are now finished in mainstream politics, the fringes is where they belong. 

But the Corbyn dilemma has given UKIP a massive opportunity to strike deep into the heart of Labour strongholds and with Theresa May dithering over Article 50, people are getting restless and impatient, which benefits UKIP. 

Corbyn either takes the requisite steps needed to restore his party’s fortunes or UKIP will become the new official opposition. 

The writing is on the wall, everyone can see it clearly but can Corbyn and his acolytes in the Labour Party? 

The simple truth is Brexit is going ahead and “resistance is futile.” 

Blairite fanatics started quitting the Labour Party instantly after the leadership result was announced today

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