Hypocritical #UKIP using EU legislation to silence critics

UKIP using EU tyranny to silence opponents

Last night, I sent Caroline Stephens a text message from a brand new mobile phone number known only to her. It was a ruse to flush out the extent of her collusion with the State against me. 

This morning at 09:35hrs, I received a missed call on the same mobile telephone number from Nottinghamshire Police. The ruse worked perfectly, it exposed the fact that Caroline Stephens has been working with the architects of the gagging order tyranny. 

Stephens lives in Chippenham, Wiltshire, a distance of approximately 177 miles from Nottinghamshire and even if she called 101 or 999, she would be connected by the operator to Wiltshire Police. 

So why is Stephens in direct contact with corrupt Nottinghamshire Police? The answer is painfully obvious, she has been working with the Nazi collaborators and now the evidence proves it. 

When I saw Stephens last on 3 December, I said to her: “It’s amazing how I can meet you so openly and nothing happens and there’s two warrants out for my arrest.” She was non-plussed and had no answer as usual. 

In fact, I’ve been meeting Stephens to conduct an affair since early October and she knew I was wanted by the police. This is known in law as ‘assisting an offender’, a serious criminal offence but then Stephens walked straight into the trap set for her and proved she’s a police informant. 

Stephens aided and abetted me on eight separate occasions by meeting me and helping me to avoid arrest, she also paid me to do work for her, cut and dried case. 

I am reliably informed that Stephens now wants a gagging order put on me by the courts to conceal her lies and gross misconduct. There will be no compliance with any such gagging order and I will continue to expose the truth about Stephens and her fellow UKIP cronies. 

If hard pushed for funds as usual, Stephens could always ask her UKIP paymaster “Toby” to fund a civil action on her behalf and it will produce the same result, no compliance with the gagging order tyranny.

Caroline Stephens is not fooling the public, journalists like us in particular

It is especially hypocritical of UKIP to use EU-rooted legislation to secure gagging orders on political opponents. Apparently, UKIP fought to get Britain out of the EU and repeal all law from Brussels. 

But the raging liars, crooks and hypocrites that run UKIP are prepared to use EU tyranny when it suits them, proving once again that UKIP is a fraud, a State safety valve operation to take genuine patriots down a blind alley. 

I have received several messages today from UKIP supporters saying they will unfollow Stephens on social media because of her lies and hypocrisy. UKIP is falling apart at the seams as people realise they are being conned. 

The only issue to determine now is when Stephens started working with Nottinghamshire Police and I dare say she was doing so before I first met her in October. 

I can only wonder if she covertly recorded our lovemaking session in a hotel on 5 November and handed it over to the police? 

This latest development also explains why so many military intelligence operators were in contact with Stephens to pass on false flag material to me. The fools thought I would pass on their transparent false intelligence to the Russian FSB and then they’d have me for espionage. Not very bright are they, I saw straight through it, I did not take the bait. 

It should be noted that ‘entrapment’ operations are NOT legal in English criminal law and any case brought against me will be blown out of the water by my barrister Adrian Langdale, who loves cases of this nature. 

Bring it on fools, you’re caught in my trap. 

An example of the torrent of abuse I’ve received from UKIP trolls since being involved with Caroline Stephens. This one wishing me dead on my 48th birthday but of course the corrupt police allow them to get away with it.

Wilders trial shows why we must reject Theresa May’s transposition of EU law

Support Wilders in his battle for freedom of speech… #StrongerOut

The left-wing EU tyranny is absolutely committed to wiping out freedom of speech and the latest politically motivated show trial of Geert Wilders proves it beyond doubt.

For those who have forgotten, Theresa May campaigned for Remain at the EUref and she is still a Brussels puppet, her thinking is entirely in sync with the left-wing tyranny.

It was tyrant Theresa that introduced the gagging order culture as Home Secretary and now as Prime Minister, she intends to transpose all EU law into British law to maintain the EU tyranny after Brexit.

I have warned Brexiteers repeatedly about this great threat to our nation and if we transpose EU law into our law, in real terms we never leave the political and legal system of the EU, this is NOT Brexit!

A small number of Brexiteers -mostly UKIP idiots – have swallowed Theresa May’s claim that we can then pick and choose which laws we want to keep. The 52% voted to reject the EU in its entirety and that includes all of its tyrannical legislation.

We will not accept transposition of the Brussels tyranny into our law, we want a truly organic Bill of Rights that has no influence from the EU and we will accept nothing less.

Wilders expressed his opinion, which is his right but his prosecution proves that the EU’s left-wing fanatics will not tolerate freedom of speech and all European nationalists must now form into a solid phalanx against the corrupt €urocrats to consign their tyranny to the dustbin of history.

I have three gagging orders from this corrupt regime, all of the legislation used against me can be traced to the ECJ in 2003, when a panel of crackpot judges decided public servants had to be protected from public criticism.

Europeans need to wake up to the fact that the Brussels elite and their corrupt thug police are now enemy number one in the battle for freedom of speech and individual liberty.

Nationalist Wilders is now the most popular politician in Holland and it is to be hoped that the Dutch come to their senses in 2017 and elect him to lead the country out of the EU.

The EU is now the new Soviet Union in which the private life of the individual is dead and freedom of speech is illegal. 

Make a stand now and remove this tyranny at the ballot box across the whole of Europe. This is your last chance to leave the EU peacefully, use it wisely or leave the crumbling EU later in bloodshed and civil war.

“Thus ever for tyrants”

EXPOSED: Inside the black heart of the #UKIP smear machine

Caroline Stephens playing at being the dutiful wife and loyal Brexiteer with Vote Leave

“I spoke to UKIP lawyers before I destroyed the website and they advised everything had to be removed,” Caroline Stephens said on 3 December when she confessed to hiring someone to hack this website. But to this day, she refuses to say who she hired to do the hacking, a criminal offence. 

Why was Caroline so desperate to have all the material removed? This is the crux of the matter because none of the campaign material portrayed her in a negative light. Only UKIP and the Bruges Group were being damaged by the campaign because both of those groups had cut a deal with the regime for Brexit-lite.

What motivated Caroline to mount such a bitter attack on the campaign? Apparently, she claimed her motive was not being allowed to speak outside Parliament on 23 November and she blamed me instead of the treacherous Kim Rose who pulled the plug on her keynote speech.

Rose is also UKIP and his machinations should have been clear but not to the power crazy, limelight seeking Caroline or “Katniss” as she calls herself in and out of the bedroom.

Why would a ‘leader’ wreck an entire campaign just because she couldn’t speak at a typical UKIP non-event? Caroline was asked to lead the campaign because of her sterling work for Vote Leave during the EUref, so why destroy it over a speech?

The key to understanding why she wrecked the campaign is her confession of 3 December that she had spoken to UKIP lawyers before mounting the attack on the website. This puts UKIP lawyers directly in the frame for criminal conspiracy, hacking is a criminal offence.

This website has never been connected to UKIP and I would never work for that vile organisation under any circumstances. UKIP lawyers had no legal right to request any material be removed from this website, instead they used their proxy Caroline Stephens to wreck the website and there is absolutely no doubt at all that she has cut a deal with UKIP to return to the party once the dust has settled.

But Caroline is not fit for leadership of any description, her complete lack of strategic understanding rules her out and she panics when it comes to the crunch, she can’t cope with pressure. She’s a powerful public speaker and has excellent interpersonal skills – especially with men – but a leader she is not.

She is also ruled out by the fact that she is an incurable liar of the highest order. She asked me to do a damage assessment on her fling with UKIP Freemason Mark Skinner. What came out was particularly shocking and destroyed my trust in her at every level.

She confessed to two passionate encounters with the 29-year-old Skinner at his flat in June during the EUref but claimed they did not have sexual intercourse, a claim that I do not believe in the slighest.

Perverted Freemason Skinner (far left) had an older woman fantasy about Caroline Stephens and begged her to spend the night with him

Having studied the material about their fling, I made it clear to Caroline that I could not do damage limitation for her and I was not prepared to lie on her behalf. The last message from Skinner to her on WhatsApp was tantamount to blackmail, typical crooked Freemason.

Unfortunately, by this time, I had started an intense affair with Caroline but had I known about the full details of her past beforehand, I would not have got involved with her.

According to Caroline, she has a loveless marriage, she is desperately unhappy and lonely and only stays at the family home in Chippenham because she wants to do the best for her children. Presumably the children belong to her ‘husband’ Mark Stephens?

Why do I say this? A multitude of reasons in fact but most of all because she had an affair with a man in Richmond, Surrey, just nine months after she married Mark. As the story goes, he forgave her, divorce is a sin in the Catholic church.

Prior to that, she had an affair with a married man but he went back to his wife and broke Caroline’s heart. She openly bragged about having “18 boyfriends in 12 months but I never had sex with any of them.”

Not quite the paragon of middle class respectability she pretends to be but politics is full of fakes and UKIP is riddled with them. In fact, Caroline explains that “everyone seems to be having affairs in politics, it’s the norm sadly, especially in UKIP.”

A birthday card from Caroline on 7 November, signed Katniss to Peter

Caroline is a big fan of Hunger Games and sees herself as a real-life Katniss and she wanted me to be her ‘Peter’. She is a very romantic person, primarily because her love life has been a huge disappointment. She asked me to call her “Katniss” when we made love on 5 November and I duly obliged to her erotic delight. There is nothing wrong with acting out sexual fantasy but what transpired later was truly shocking, chilling in fact.

The black heart of the UKIP smear machine was already in full swing against me and Caroline continued to talk to these UKIP trolls on a daily basis. I joked that they saw her as “aunty Caroline” and asked her to break off contact with them, tellingly she didn’t. 

After wrecking all the hard work I had done to make the campaign a success, bringing in over 120,000 people in just four days, Caroline was aghast when I hit back by publishing all the material that she’d asked me to conceal.

Desperate because the truth supported by hard evidence was causing Brexiteers to lose trust in her, it was time for another devious stunt and this one was simply appalling.

On 29 November, Caroline asked me to telephone her because she’d been to see a doctor the day before for a pregnancy test. She explained: “Look Sy, I am pregnant with your baby and if you want me to lose the baby, then keep causing me stress with that stuff about me on the website. Please remove it, I don’t want the stress, I don’t want to lose the baby.”

I had to give her the benefit of the doubt, I couldn’t do anything else, so I removed the articles and Caroline became composed again but in the next breath said she’d reported me to Wiltshire Police because of what I had published. In the age of the gagging order tyranny, all liars now run to the lying police to conceal their lies claiming imaginary ‘harassment’ or ‘malicious communications’.

The extent of her backstabbing was simply breathtaking but it came as no surprise that one incurable liar should recruit the help of the buggest gang of incurable liars in the country, all coppers are liars, never met one that was interested in telling the truth.

The damning truth!

If Caroline thought the crooked cops were going to silence me, clearly she had paid no attention whatsoever to my freedom of speech campaign against the EU gagging order tyranny introduced by Brussels puppet Theresa May.

After trying to negotiate peace with Caroline, never an easy task, on 2 December at 17:30hrs, she sent me another message, saying she could not talk and had to go to bed with stomach pains. I was deeply worried because of the pregnancy but the next day we met in person as agreed.

All Caroline was worried about was her image, what her neighbours thought and of course her born again Christian friends, not that she’d ever lived by the “10 Commandments” despite ranting endlessly about her devotion to Jesus.

At 14:30hrs, she announced: “If I am definitely pregnant, I won’t be able to keep it because I’m 52, the doctor said I shouldn’t have it.” The callous disregard to human life was entirely typical of the hypocritical born again Christian, not very Christian is it abortion. Frankly, Christianity disgusts me and always has and my opinion of NHS doctors is about as cynical as it gets.

This is the same NHS that withheld the medical records of my attempted murder for 23 years, suddenly discovering them tucked away in a filing cabinet. This is the same NHS that withheld the details of my fertility treatment when I was 16-years-old and did not allow me to know the truth about a low sperm count requiring IVF until 2005.

Using the toilet far more frequently than usual, after a 15 minute sojourn in the toilet, at 17:10hrs, Caroline returned to announce there was no baby, it was gone, not a shred of emotion on her stone cold face. I was gobsmacked but immediately my mind focused on why she had to go to bed with stomach pains and her GP had told her to have an abortion and then suddenly next day, no baby, all neat and tidy, just like a Government cover-up, same format.

I was in emotional turmoil, I spoke to my mother and her advice was that Caroline had probably taken something from the doctor to induce a miscarriage, good old Christian murder machine at work again in league with the vile NHS.

Perhaps now the repulsive UKIP trolls will feel happy at all the pain and suffering they have inflicted but I assure them before I leave the stage I will make them suffer tenfold for what they have done.

My advice to people is have nothing to do with Caroline Stephens in politics because she’s an incorrigble liar and her middle class lady routine is just pure theatre. Learn from my example.

UKIP paymaster Arron Banks doesn’t like answering questions, particularly about the Freemasons

Revoke all EU gagging orders by will of the majority

The EU tyranny must be completely removed from the statute book

It should come as no surprise that Remain fanatics Ken Clarke MP and Anna Soubry MP both support EU gagging orders and the jailing of anyone who dares to humiliate corrupt public servants in the public interest.

Last night in Parliament, a majority of 372 MPs voted to trigger Article 50 on 31 March 2016 and now Brexit is definitely going ahead. It’s all over the Remain fanatics and the tyrannical legislation they superimposed on the British people without consent must be consigned to the dustbin of history.

It is now time for the restoration of freedom of speech and the rebirth of democracy and for this to happen, we must oppose the Government’s plan to transpose EU law into British law.

The nation has spoken, the majority want rid of EU legislation completely, that’s what they voted for, they did not vote for Brexit to allow EU laws to remain on the statute book in some infantile pick and choose exercise. All EU legislation must go and be replaced by a British Bill of Rights that returns free speech to the people, we will accept nothing less.

UKIP typically has sold-out on transposition of EU law and believes “it’s a good idea”but then UKIP has sold-out full stop and is going along with Brexit-lite in league with the Government.

The overwhelming majority of UKIP voters did not vote in favour of transposing EU law into our law. If we allow EU law to remain on our statute book, then the EU still rules Britain by remote transposition.

I am subjected to three of these instruments of EU tyranny and lawyers Soubry and Clarke played a pivotal role in this tyranny and brutal suppression of free speech. Gagging Orders ruin lives, destroy the will to live and their only purpose is the concealment of corruption and musconduct in public office.

Brexiteers need to unite in a solid phalanx against transposition of EU law and oppose any plastic patriot who says “it’s a good idea”.

I was the first person in Britain to acquire an indefinite Gagging Order in December 2014 and since then the Remain fanatics have put two more Gagging Orders on me to destroy frredom of speech because they’re terrified of the truth.

The vast majority of MPs and the 52% majority at the EUref have now voted in favour of Brexit but leaving the EU will not be conpleted until we have removed all EU legislation from our legal and political framework.

Join the #StrongerOut campaign to repeal all EU legislation and its replacement with a truly organic Bill of Rights. Together let’s #TakeControl and return Britain to the “uplit sun lands” of democracy and freedom.

Let’s get rid of the EU dictatorship by repealing all of its tyrannical legislation

Who authorised the #UKIP troll factory to run smear campaign? 

Caroline Stephens pictured on 5 November 2016

Working with Caroline Stephens should have been an easy task when I was asked to resurrect Vote Leave to campaign for the invocation of Article 50 but in short order dark forces emerged from the shadows. 

At first, Caroline was a breath of fresh air, completely willing to lead the campaign for Art50, despite the fact the Tories did not want her at the helm. I ignored the Tories and offered Caroline leadership because I was deeply impressed with her campaign leadership for Vote Leave as National Activist Support Manager during our successful EUref campaign. 

UKIP reared its usual ugly head quite early on as a succession of Caroline’s UKIP contacts wanted paid positions in the new campaign and it became clear that they wanted to take control. I resisted this invasion from the outset and UKIP had LeaveEU to campaign with and under no circumstances were they taking over our campaign. 

It also deeply concerned me that half of Caroline’s UKIP contacts were active Freemasons, the biggest organised criminal gang in Britain and I could not work with them. 

The objective from the outset was to build a non-partisan campaign for Article 50 by bringing in Brexiteers from across the political spectrum. But Caroline had other ideas and would not listen to my advice about UKIP and its notorious in-fighting antics that did not want inside our campaign. 

Within a month, Caroline was defending the UKIP trolls and urged me not to respond to their smears, she wanted them to have free reign to do whatever they wanted and I apparently would just have to tolerate it. 

In short order, I began eliminating a succession of UKIP activists because every one she brought into the campaign was UKIP and with that type of personnel how would I be able to attract Greens and Labour voters? It should be noted that 63% of Labour voters voted for Brexit and they could not be excluded from the campaign because of a preponderance of UKIP activists. 

The scene was set for a series of pitched battles with Caroline and her UKIP trolls. Soon afterwards, former Derbyshire Police detective Mick Twomey appeared on Facebook accusing me of being ‘a danger to women’ but on what basis this allegation was made was not something the bent copper could answer. 

The same Derbyshire Police involved in a criminal conspiracy with the neo-Nazi British Movement to conceal my attempted murder on 20 January 1990, a fact confirmed in writing by the Director of Public Prosecutions on 5 May 2015

I was entirely unsurprised to see the blood-stained hands of Derbyshire Police emerge behind a smear campaign against me but soon lies became threats of violence against me – the favourite routine used against me since 1990 – and I refused to back down to the organised hate campaign. 

It was clear that UKIP wanted to take control of the campaign through Caroline Stephens, so in October, I asked her to resign from UKIP to concentrate entirely on our Article 50 campaign. Caroline resigned, ran into problems with UKIP immediately but continued to have daily contact with a plethora of UKIP activists. 

What concerned me most of all was the sudden appearance of wannabe David Ellis, a confidante of former Rear Admiral Chris Parry. The information imparted by Ellis to Caroline on the Russian-Syrian arena was a clear breach of the Official Secrets Acts and I told Caroline that Ellis was using her as a conduit to feed me with intelligence, which the military thought I would pass on to the FSB but I didn’t take the bait. 

Ellis was saying that Britain would be at war with Russia in 2017 and that NATO was preparing a false flag incident in the skies over Syria to provoke Russia into war. I was at a loss to understand what this had to do with Article 50 and asked Caroline to be very careful in her dealings with Ellis. 

I had no doubt that Ellis was an “understrapper” for military intelligence and considering that I had been close to Russian diplomats and was nominated for a freedom of speech award on 12 June 2015 at the Russian Embassy in London, there was little doubt that the objective was entrap me in a false flag operation. 

We were campaigning for Article 50 and the Russian-Syrian military situation was not our concern but at times it seemed pointless trying to convince Caroline not to trust Ellis. 

As I sat on a canal towpath outside Oxford talking to Caroline on WhatsApp for about 45 minutes about Ellis and his latest stunt of pulling out of our campaign because Caroline refused to ditch me, a helicopter came in low overhead and flew several tight circles directly overhead. I killed the call and left the area through woodland. But that night at 23:05hrs, Thames Valley Police set a failed ambush for me at a hotel and I gave them the slip. 

It was perfectly clear then just how much Ellis wanted me out of the campaign for Article 50 and of course Ellis also had a UKIP background. He claimed Rear Admiral Parry was also a committed Brexiteer but by then I was not swallowing anything they said. 

As Ellis left, he was replaced by another military connection in the shape of Tim Matthews, who claimed to have quit UKIP but wanted to play a leading role in our campaign and offered his services to Caroline. It was no becoming a repetitive pattern of UKIP, military, smears and attempts to remove me from the campaign. 

In his latest profile picture on Facebook, Tim Matthews is seen shaking hands with new UKIP leader Paul Nuttall

I was suspicious of Matthews immediately and I’d seen the over-eager volunteer routine many times since 1990 and when he claimed not to know what branch of British Army Intelligence he was with 25 years ago, I knew for certain something was seriously wrong about this man. 

Caroline, a born again Christian thought Matthews was “a lovely guy” because he was also a born again Christian and religious loyalty had clouded her ability to see him clearly. 

Matthews typically then urged Caroline to kick me out of the campaign and instead I kicked Matthews out immediately. He was a typical UKIP troll on a divide and conquer mission and it failed miserably. 

Matthews then appeared in a photograph shaking hands with new UKIP leader Paul Nuttall and it became clear that he had never left the party, it was a ruse for Caroline’s benefit but it didn’t work on me. 

Next on the agenda was another plot by Krisnakali Sinha and Robert Watson to remove me from a campaign that I was asked to resurrect from the outset and I had done 95% of the work, all of strategic planning, blueprinting and tactics were my work entirely. I kicked Sinha and Watson out of the campaign immediately and of course Watson was another UKIP member. 

At every stage of the smear operation against me and the plot to destroy the Article 50 campaign was the ugly face of UKIP and there was no doubt that party leaders were involved in the disruptive action. 

But this time Caroline sided with Sinha because “I happen to really like the lady” and her self-confessed love for me seemed to take second place. We had already started an affair, which was not something I ever planned but Caroline was simply irresistible and I gave in to this weakness. 

I will not lie for one minute about the fact I fell in love with Caroline against my better instincts but as she explained, “affairs in politics are common place, so many people are doing it” but it was the first time I had done it. 

UKIP member Kim Rose, who once had a big crush on Caroline, asked her to be the keynote speaker on 23 November outside Parliament but then withdrew the offer because I had had the temerity to defend myself against UKIP trolls on social media. 

Caroline went ballistic, threatening to resign if she could not speak and sensing her moment in the limelight had gone, she turned on me with breathtaking venom. 

By this time I had turned the Article 50 campaign into a roaring success bringing in over 100,000 hits on this website and countless offers of support from Brexiteers. 

Unbalanced by not being able to speak on 23 November, Caroline attacked this website, which she openly confessed to and destroyed 99% of the work I had done for the Article 50 campaign. I was devastated but realised Caroline’s real agenda was “all about Caroline” and I assured her that I would expose the truth. 

Having given her a huge success, Caroline Stephens then wrecked the campaign because she was not allowed to speak outside Parliament on 23 November

True to form, with the campaign in tatters because of a little girl’s selfish tantrum, new UKIP leader Paul Nutall announced his party was dropping the campaign for Article 50. It became unequivocally clear that UKIP was entirely behind the campaign to destroy Operation Beacon and once they made the mistake of thinking they’d succeeded, they dropped their own Art50 campaign. 

There is absolutely no doubt that UKIP is a State-cobtrolled safety valve and dropping their Art50 campaign has taken the heat off Theresa May completely. 

Caroline came to see me 10 days’ ago and boldly announced that the latest UKIP smear against me was that I was a secret Remain plant with an agenda to destroy the Brexit movement. It was hilarious, I led the campaign for Article 50 whereas UKIP trolls did everything in their power to stop the campaign and failed. 

I have now separated from Caroline both politically and personally but in closing I have to make it clear that she has reported me to Wiltshire Police for daring to expose her dishonest and dishonourable antics but I couldn’t care less, the truth will out. 

The only thing to determine now is how long Caroline has been working in tandem with the State against me? 

Nonetheless, I shall continue to lead nationalists in the campaign to trigger Article 50 through the #StrongerOut campaign and I thank everyone for standing by me at this difficult time, together we are legion. 

Daily Agenda launches #StrongerOut campaign for complete #Brexit

Because we’re #StrongerOut

Today the Daily Agenda launches the #StrongerOut campaign to petition for the invocation of #Article50 and thereafter complete-Brexit. 

I want to make it clear that I genuinely regret campaigning on behalf of Vote Leave during the EUref and under no circumstances would I have loaned my talents to the UKIP troll factory at LeaveEU. 

I am still committed to complete-Brexit but both Vote Leave and LeaveEU are now in the Brexit-lite business and it’s a betrayal of what the 52% voted for on 23 June. 

I had always intended to start my own independent campaign #StrongerOut before the EUref but did not have time to do so because of the demands of working 12-hour night shifts. 

On 2 June this year, I started using the #StrongerOut hashtag on Twitter and Facebook to counter the StrongerIn logo used by Remain and it was entirely successful, particularly in the Twittersphere. 

I wish to make it clear that I have parted ways with Caroline Stephens because we have fundamentally different ideas of how to pursue the battle for Brexit. 

Today sees the beginning of the Government’s appeal to the Supreme Court to invoke #Article50 using the Royal Prerogative and I support this action because it is the proper legal procedure for leaving the EU under the terms of The Lisbon Treaty Act 2008.

UKIP and LeaveEU have gone on a wild goose chase dropping their campaign for #Article50 and instead pursuing the repeal of the ECA instead; it’s a completely unrealistic strategy, it is untenable and will not succeed, it is designed to lead Brexiteers down a blind alley, all part of the safety valve operation that UKIP has always been. 

Instead, the #StrongerOut campaign will focus directly on the invocation of Article 50, followed by the repeal of the ECA and complete opposition to Brexit-lite. 

I urge genuine Brexiteers in touch with the real world to support this fundamentally important campaign to ensure Brexit is carried through in its entirety. 

I have always been of the opinion that Brexit will come in two phases, firstly Brexit-lite because of the betrayal of UKIP and the complete-Brexit in a nationalist backlash against this betrayal. 

Brexiteers should be prepared for the long haul and forget quick fix solutions and the mythical “hard Brexit”.  In reality, it will take a maximum of 10 years to secure complete-Brexit and during this time many battles lie ahead to fight and win. 

Thank you to everyone who supported the #StrongerOut campaign on social media when it was launched in June this year. 

#StrongerOut is the Copyright © of Simon Tomlin, established 2 June 2016.

Detailed analysis shows that Brexit MPs can win a big majority at next General Election

There is now massive potential to return a Parliament completely dominated by Brexit MPs


Analysis of the referendum result shows there is a huge potential for Brexiteers to elect a Parliament completely dominated by Brexit MPs at the next General Election and we should set to work now on ensuring this happens.

Arrogant Remainiacs have used the PRO-EU courts to try and stop Brexit but their day of reckoning comes at the next General Election when Brexit MPs have a huge majority and can simply impose Brexit on the Remainiacs, whether they like it or not. 

All Brexiteers should study this demographic analysis of the EUref and it translates to a General Election when the voting system is entirely different. 

With careful planning and by following the blueprint laid down in this demigraphic, we can ensure that the next Parliament is completely under our control and no matter what stunts Remainiacs resort to, complete Brexit will be realised by truly democratic means. 

No Brexiteer should ignore this analysis and the potential for a sweeping victory at the next General Election but it will not be handed to us on a plate, it will come through skillful strategy and tireless determination to see our mission accomplished. 

Ergo, I call on all Brexiteers to get to work now on this blueprint for complete #Brexit and the irreversible defeat of Remain.