The Great Repeal Bill is ‘The Great Lie’ to deceive Brexiteers 

Quasi-Brexiteer David Davis gave the game away with his admission that transposition means EU law will continue to have supremacy over British law after Brexit

#StrongerOUT leads the field in the escalating campaign to #RepealEULaw and create a new British Constitution during #Brexit but in our path stands ‘The Great Lie’ being spun by the Tory regime. 

Quasi-Brexiteer David Davis openly gave the game away when he admitted in the Government’s White Paper on transposition that CJEU precedents will continue to have supremacy over British law after Brexit. So we are not leaving the EU and what the Government is doing is a window-dressing exercise to fool Brexiteers into thinking they are getting Brexit. 

In reality, the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 only removes the legal instrument that took us into the EEC-EU but it does nothing to repeal over 20,000 EU laws, which will be transposed over and above our organic legislation. 

Many people have asked “what’s transposition of EU law”? Put simply, it’s a copy and paste exercise by which the treacherous Tory regime will adopt all EU law into ‘our law’ without public consent. No one voted for transposition of EU law and Theresa May has no mandate from the electorate to carry out this monstrous betrayal of Brexit. 

Transposition also means that Remainers could take us back into the EU after Brexit because all of the EU’s legislation will remain on our statute book. All the Government would have to do is reapply for membership, rename transposed EU law to its true name and then update and accept any further legislation passed by Brussels in the interim. 

Remain fanatics will not give up trying to get Britain back into the EU and Jean-Claude Juncker has said he would like Britain to rejoin the EU after Brexit. Their plan is so transparent a child could see it for what it is. 

But StrongerOUT argues that all EU law since 1 January 1973 should be repealed en bloc and replaced with a new British Constitution enacted by Parliament and that all of the articles of law therein be entirely of British origin. 

Gloria De Piero MP wrote to me in the last week and her opinion frankly was that the Government was clueless on transposition and had not drawn up a plan for Brexit and I agree entirely with my Constituency MP. 

The simple issue facing all 17.4 million Brexiteers is do they want EU law renamed ‘British’ or do they want organic British law? Let’s go back to the EUref for the answer to that question. 

VoteLeave, LeaveEU and GrassrootsGo did not campaign on a policy agenda to transpose EU law into our law. Therefore, not one of the 17.4 million Brexiteers voted in favour of transposition, we voted to repeal over 20,000 EU laws and replace them with a new British Constitution. 

The Government lie is that transposition will allow us to repeal any EU law at a further stage but there is no plan for this in the White Paper and if the Government wants to repeal some EU laws later, why transpose any of them now? It makes no sense whatsoever and lends credence to those who accuse the Government of “having no plan” or simply “betraying Brexit”. 

StrongerOUT has drafted a White Paper on a proposed new British Constitution and thus proved that the Government could do the same and approve it through an act of Parliament with the consent of the majority of MPs. Alternatively, the new constitution could be put to the electorate in a referendum for approval. 

Brexiteers will not accept transposition of EU law into our law because we did not vote for it, we do not want it, we will openly rebel against it and we will defy all EU legislation no matter what the deceitful Government tries to call it. 

We demand what we voted for, a new British Constitution for a newly independent country. 

Join #StrongerOUT to #RepealEULaw 

#StrongerOUT launches its manifesto to create a just society post-Brexit

EU: We will repeal all EU legislation from 1972 onwards. We are completely opposed to Theresa May’s plan to transpose EU law into our law and we will replace EU law with new British Constitution. We will complete the Brexit process entirely until full political, economic and military independence from the EU has been secured by honouring the will of the majority. We will negotiate a mutually beneficial trade deal with Brussels but we will not sign up to the Single Market or open borders.

NHS: We will introduce a new insurance system whereby migrants will no longer receive free health care. Any foreigner entering Britain must first ensure that they have the requisite health insurance before a visa is granted for their entry to the UK. We are committed to a cost analysis of the entire NHS to ensure waiting lists are reduced and funding is spent wisely. We will seek to remove as many NHS managers as possible and put funding back in the hands of doctors and nurses running local health authorities. We propose to create a dedicated cleaning service for the NHS to tackle the poor hygiene in our hospitals and resolve the problem with superbugs.

DEFENCE: Our foreign policy initiative will create a London-Moscow reset, to rebalance the geopolitical situation in favour of peace and mutual cooperation. We propose to resolve the conflict in Ukraine and Syria through negotiation with our Russian partners in the fight against extremism. We make a firm commitment to the Trident nuclear deterrent and will upgrade the armed forces by using some of the £9.8bn saved each year by withdrawing from the EU. We propose to take homeless veterans off the streets and place them in sheltered housing or with housing charities. 

IMMIGRATION: We propose a 5-year moratorium on immigration to allow UKBA to regain control of the immigration system. The objective is to #TakeControl of our borders before we allow small numbers of migrants to enter the country again. We propose a points-based system for immigration to ensure we recruit the best possible overseas candidates. We are committed to removing all EU citizens that entered the UK from 24 June 2016 to comply with the wishes of the majority Leave vote. This will empower us to tackle the low wages racket causing so much misery to British families. Low paid workers will be a key priority for the Democratic Party. 

EDUCATION: We will bring academies and free schools back into the Local Authority System. (113 academy school trusts are in debt to the tune of £25m). Sex education (life cycles of humans and animals – reproduction) to be included in primary education in Year 5 onwards – parents to be consulted beforehand. In larger towns/cities wherever possible, grammar schools and apprenticeship courses at Colleges to be included in choice of education provision.​ For those students who are more practically inclined, we need to emulate the German system – at KS4, the pupils follow a curriculum where the specialists technical or vocational subject is studied e.g. garages to fix cars, plumbing courses at colleges and greater links to industry with sponsorship deals.  By the end, the qualification is dependent on an associated pass in basic language/numeracy/IT skills. Universities need to be far more proactive to ensure that their courses meet the current and future needs of industry and should publish figures on job prospects relating to each degree. Employers​ should be​  incentivised to employ trainees – ‘on the job’ training/day release. Allow teachers greater autonomy – there is an absurd amount of teachers’ time ​devoted to marking and data analysis. The time spent marking could be used far more efficiently in researching resources or keeping abreast of all the excellent educational tools and ideas out there such as the ‘flipped classroom‘ and ‘twiducate’ to mention just two. We are committed to ending the religious apartheid fostered by Islamic faith ‘schools’. We will ensure all of these Islamist breeding grounds are closed down in the public interest.

ELECTORAL REFORM: Parliamentary elections will be determined on the basis of proportional representation guaranteeing all political parties a place in Parliament based on the share of the vote to ensure all voters are represented according to their views at a General Election. The first past the post system is entirely undemocratic and maintains the interchangeable elective dictatorship of two parties and does not provide genuine democratic representation in Parliament. Proportional representation will provide everyone who votes with a genuine voice in Parliament. The Parliamentary term should be reduced from the current five years to four years to prevent unpopular governments hanging on to power for the sake power whilst providing no real service to the majority. This reform will render elective dictatorship completely impotent and restore trust in the political system to ensure the best possible governance.

LAW & ORDER: We will abolish the ‘Independent’ Police Complaints Commission and replace it with a Police Standards Authority, in which the police will play no part in the investigation of complaints against officers. This will be the first major step to cleaning up the police. We will undertake a sweeping set of reforms, merging the Magistrates and Crown Court systems into a much more efficient, streamlined service which guarantees the right to trial by jury. We will also reduce the number of trial jurors from 12 to 7. We propose far greater use of Community Rehabilitation Orders to ensure offenders repay the debt to society. We will overhaul the appalling prison system and stop them from being used as crime factories by criminals. 

FREE SPEECH: We are fully committed to the restoration of freedom of speech, which was wiped out by New Labour and the Tories using tyrannical EU legislation. We will repeal all EU laws and overturn all convictions secured using these instruments of left-wing tyranny designed to control the mindset of the nation. Existing laws are sufficient to protect people from bullying online. Freedom of speech is not a crime, we will allow people to express their views in a reasonable manner but we will not allow anyone to incite terrorism. The right to criticise, particularly public servants, is the fundamental cornerstone of democracy. We propose to create legislation similar to the First Amendment in the United States that enshrines in law the right to freedom of expression. 

TAXATION: We will scrap the unjust Bedroom Tax and lower VAT. Base rate taxation and National Insurance contributions will remain the same. We propose a thorough overhaul of the benefits system to ensure disabled people are not targeted unfairly. All benefits to EU citizens will be cut off entirely under the terms of complete-Brexit.

#StrongerOUT campaign will expand and join forces with European allies to #RepealEULaw

With Article 50 imminent and the divorce process from the EU about to begin in earnest, it’s now vitally essential for #StrongerOUT members to expand the campaign to a wider audience. 

The imperative moment has arrived and we must be equal to the task to ensure the Government realises that we will not accept the transposition of EU law into our law. We did not vote to retain EU law masquerading as ‘British’ law through the transparent camouflage of transposition. 

Firstly, #StrongerOUT members need to petition their MPs by email to oppose transposition and demand a new British Constitution during Brexit. Use the online forum at to put immediate pressure on MPs. Make it clear that any MP supporting transposition will not get your vote at the next General Election. 

This rapidly growing campaign is about people power and making clear to the political Establishment that we hold the real power not them and we can remove them at the ballot box if they ignore our demands. 

We want an end to the Gagging Order and ‘hate speech’ tyranny and the EU legislation from June 2003 that gave rise to this massive assault on free speech.

We further demand that anyone convicted under left-wing ‘hate speech’ legislation should be included in a ‘Brexit Amnesty’ and all criminal convictions are overturned and all Gagging Orders revoked. This does not apply to people convicted on terrorism-related offences. 

#StrongerOUT members should now promote the campaign to as many Brexit groups as possible and persuade all Brexiteers from across the political spectrum to support the #RepealEULaw campaign. 

We are a non-partisan organisation and we will not campaign for or against any political party. Our aim is to unite the entire Brexit movement into a cohesive force for socio-political reform in the national interest. 

We should also make it clear to MPs that we expect The Treason Act – watered down by Remain fanatic Tony Blair in 1997 – to be amended to read that it will become an act of treason for anyone to conspire with a foreign power contrary to the nation interest. By ‘foreign power’ we mean the European Union. 

With #RepealEULaw we are slamming the door shut on a possible reunion between this country and the EU. Just days ago Jean-Claude Juncker said he expected Britain to rejoin the EU after Brexit and we must now shatter his illusions by repealing over 13,000 EU laws since 1 January 1973. 

The Great Repeal Bill is a misnomer, it is not designed to repeal EU law, its purpose is to transpose the unwanted legislation of a ‘foreign power’ into our law, which means in reality we do not really leave the EU. 

Our mission at the #EUref was to #TakeControl and that includes total control of our legal and political system. We must eradicate the EU-funded ‘Common Purpose’ and close down its brainwashing propaganda activities inside public services, particularly the police.  

Brexit will not be completed until over 13,000 EU laws are removed from our statute book entirely and replaced with a new British Constitution. In particular, we demand a legal instrument that guarantees the right to freedom of expression and that no one in future will face arrest for daring to espouse opinions contrary to left-wing ‘hate speech’ ideology. 

The time is now to move forward on all fronts to expand our campaign to #RepealEULaw and we must work tirelessly to #TakeControl of our country again. 

The Government has no argument for not creating a new British Constitution. HM Government has hundreds of lawyers on the payroll and they can be set to work on a British Constitution white paper to be presented to Parliament for Royal Assent. 

I wrote a white paper in the space of several hours, therefore the Government has no argument on refusing a British Constitution. 

Theresa May must understand that under no circumstances will we accept the transposition of EU law into our law and we will go into open rebellion to stop it. 

Simon Tomlin, Campaign Manager, StrongerOUT 

Lord Bird warns of impending “civil war” incited by Tony Blair and Remain fanatics 

Bloodthirsty Tony Blair continues to incite Remain fanatics to “insurgency”

Today Lord John Bird warned that Britain risks slipping into “civil war” because of Brexit and that few people realise the dangers of what is coming. 

With bloodthirsty Tony Blair, who wanted to be EU President, doing everything in his power to incite and organise an “insurgency” by Remain fanatics, we have to take these dire warnings and threats seriously. 

Brexit will not be stopped by Blair, Clarke, Soubry, Mandelson and their defeated Remain campaign. The House of Commons voted overwhelmingly to invoke Article 50 and last night the House of Lords rejected access to the Single Market. 

Brexit is going ahead but we must be mindful of the serious dangers we now face if Blair is allowed to incite “insurgency” with impunity from arrest and prosecution. 

The appalling litany of threats from nasty Remain activists has reached staggering new heights, even playing a pivotal role in Nigel Farage’s decision to resign. How much longer can this incitement to violence and murder be tolerated without an organised response.

Remain troll Charlotte Church referred to Farage as “a piece of shit” and then broke down in tears at the furious backlash against her malice.

Remain fanatics now openly refer to Farage as “the head rat” and even resort to inciting his murder in the national press with impunity from arrest by the EU-ACPO puppet police ‘service’.

We now know that we cannot rely on the ‘police’ to enforce the law because their senior officers were trained by Common Purpose, a brainwashing unit led by a former Communist, funded by the EU.

Peter Hitchens argued in the Mail on Sunday that Brexit was a ‘revolution’ but Remain leaders cannot grasp the concept of democracy when the people turn against them. 

This is the very last chance to remove the cancer of corruption in this country or we will be subjected to a gangsters’ tyranny run from Berlin and Brussels. We have #RepealEULaw and create a new British Constitution.

On the Remain side, their fanatics openly incite the murder of Brexit leaders and escape arrest for incitement. Their terror campaign is getting worse by the day and it has to be put down.

Their incitement is going to lead to Brexiteers being murdered and if that happens the country will erupt into all-out “civil war”. The constant mass protests by Remain in London and elsewhere are in reality an insurrection against democracy.

Remainers believe their vote counts for more than Brexiteers and their arrogance is what caused The Great Rebellion in the first place; the majority of Britons have had enough of the Establishment crooks and their subversive foreign financiers.

A large number of people have asked me how do we create a nationalist militia to put down the Remain insurrection against democracy. I am duty bound to lay down the following blueprint for the creation and deployment of the Civil Defence Association CDA against this organised assault on our democracy and civil liberties.


Postcode Battalions: Brexiteers should recruit volunteers in their postcode areas to form a Battalion to be put under the operational command of the County Regiment. This relies on the system used during WWI to raise ‘pals battalions’ to serve in County Regiments.

County Regiments: Raising thousands of volunteers in all British shires and counties will lead to the creation of the Brexit Army to be put under the command of the Chief of Staff assisted by the commanders of all County Regiments. It is proposed that we call this volunteer army the ‘Civil Defence Association’.

Command Structure: The CDA can then be mobilised at a county or national level to act in defence of the civil power in much the same way that the British Army is deployed in defence of the civil power at a time of national emergency. The CIC of the CDA is to be chosen by the County Regiments to ensure the most popular and capable leader is selected to command. In essence, this is a reworking of the hugely successful New Model Army created by Oliver Cromwell which he led to victory in the English Civil War.

With the real prospect that our under-manned army could be deployed as Dominic Lawson argues to put down the insurrection against democracy, it is essential that a Civil Defence Association is raised in support of the army and which could be put under overall operation command of the General Staff of the British Army.

It should be noted that Remain has no real support in our Armed Forces and the majority of the regular army and TA are Leave supporters and loyal to the Crown.

A simple show of force, a flexing of our military might supported by a civilian militia will be enough to deter Remain fanatics from carrying out their threat to make the country ungovernable to stop Brexit going ahead.

These are dangerous times and Remainers need to understand that they lost the one-off referendum and that their terrorist campaign against the majority will be put down by force if they do not stop immediately.

Brexiteers therefore should now begin building the CDA from the framework of the #Leave.EU #VoteLeave volunteer campaign. In this we have the nucleus of an organisation to transform into a nationalist militia to save our country from Blair’s traitors and their foreign financiers.

Social Justice Councils: Each County Regiment of the CDA should create a Social Justice Council responsible for the arrest and trial of Establishment criminals involved in the insurrection against our democracy. The current legal system is infected with EU-traitors and cannot be trusted to implement anything remotely smacking of ‘justice’.

In particular, for the CDA we should seek to recruit former British soldiers to act as senior NCOs and Battalion officers to provide training, discipline and experienced leadership skills. Anyone with military experience in the Professional Army, the TA and even the Army Cadet Force is an ideal recruit for the Brexit CDA.

All communications between the CDA should be encrypted and in particular we should buy ICOM encrypted walkie talkies to communicate in the event the mobile phone network is switched off.

Keyboard warriors and coffee shop wafflers need not apply, we need real patriotic men and women to save our country from the insurrection against democracy not childish dreamers who naively believe that “it will all work out right”.

If it comes to a fight between the Brexit Army and the Remain fanatics, they will be defeated with ease but only if we prepare for victory now.

We must send this clear message to Remain fanatics that we will fight to enforce Brexit. Welcome to the real world! 

“To arms citizens. Form your battalions.”

Civil Defence Association UK & Ireland


#StrongerOUT presents White Paper for a new British Constitution during Brexit

  1. Proportional representation guaranteeing all political parties a place in Parliament based on the share of the vote to ensure all electors are represented according to their views at a General Election. The current system is an elective dictatorship of two parties and we intend to create a fairer political system. 
  2. The unelected House of Lords is to be abolished in its entirety to be replaced by the House of Commons alone elected by proportional representation. The ongoing anti-democratic measures by the HoL to block Article 50 is the perfect example of why the Lords needs to be abolished in the public interest. In the modern age, we cannot by governed by an unelected Upper House and we reject Government proposals to elect Lords for a 15-year tenure. 
  3. The Magistrates Courts are to be scrapped in the public interest to eradicate the nepotism between the police and Magistracy. No one shall stand trial on any indictment without the right to trial by jury, which is the cornerstone of English law since Magna Carta. 
  4. The system of sentencing and remand prior to conviction is to be overhauled to significantly reduce the prison population and alleviate the massive cost to the public purse. In particular, petty offences of shop theft will no longer result in bail hearings or imprisonment and we propose to make shop theft a matter of civil recovery. 
  5. All district judges sitting in the Magistrates Courts are to be promoted to the Crown Courts. The Magistrates Courts are to be scrapped to reduce the cost to the public. All criminal cases proceeding to trial will be before a jury if the defendant enters a not guilty plea. The number of jurors will be reduced from 12 to 7 to prevent a hung jury and reduce cost to the public purse. 
  6. Membership of the Freemasons organisation or any secret organisation, particularly the EU-funded Common Purpose, committed to influencing the legal framework of the nation, shall become illegal. 
  7. The Criminal Cases Review Commission will be scrapped and replaced by a final act of appeal to the Supreme Court from the Court of Appeal.  
  8. The prison system shall undergo a sweeping reform of all of its services with the key emphasis being on restoring discipline and encouraging widespread rehabilitation of offenders. The prison population will be reduced in significant numbers and a far more effective system introduced on the Dutch model. We propose a far greater use of non-custodial community service orders to encourage offenders to value the community they live in. 
  9. It is proposed that prisoners are sent to prisons that reflect the nature of their crimes. Non-violent offenders should not be sent to the same prison facilities as violent offenders.
  10. The ‘Independent’ Police Complaints Commission shall be abolished and replaced with a Police Standards Authority to restore public trust in the police service. The police will play no part in the investigation of complaints against officers and all investigations will be conducted by a lawyers and civilian volunteers under the control of the Ministry of Justice.
  11. DNA samples retained by the police service where the person arrested has not been charged will be destroyed under the supervision of the Police Standards Authority.
  12. The post of Police Commissioner is to be scrapped to eradicate the current nepotism between political parties and like-minded senior police officers. All serving police officers with criminal convictions will be dismissed from the service. 
  13. Parliament shall enact a law guaranteeing freedom of speech and expression to all British citizens and people shall have the right to express whatever opinions they hold without fear of criminal prosecution and repression by Parliament and/or the police. We argue in favourite of a law similar to the First Amendment in the United States. 
  14. Secret trials in the criminal and civil courts will be dispensed with in the public interest to engender greater public trust and transparency in the legal system.
  15. Absolute privilege for solicitors and barristers shall be abolished to prevent them from making character assassination attacks on a defendant, then reported as ‘fact’ in the media, thus causing serious defamation to the defendant, particularly where or she is acquitted by a jury. Lawyers will have to concentrate on the facts supported by evidence or no case will be allowed to proceed. 
  16. Legal Aid funding in the criminal courts shall not be available to any defendant convicted of three offences and this measure is designed to curtail career criminals, who will have to pay for their own legal representation and if they cannot afford to pay, they should seek alternative law abiding careers. But we have no opposition to lawyers representing them on a pro Bono basis. 
  17. Parliament shall enact a law – similar to the First Amendment in the USA – that ensures freedom of expression shall be available to everyone on British soil without fear of harassment from the State for expressing opinions unpopular with certain political factions. We do not however propose to give people the right to terrorise others or incite terrorism. 
  18. The Right of Assembly shall be an automatic right to all citizens wishing to protest against any socio-political issue which needs to be highlighted to the majority. All applications for public assembly will be granted unless there is clear evidence of an organised intention to provoke violence. 
  19. The intelligence agencies MI6, MI5 and GCHQ will be merged into the National Intelligence Service and the number of employees reduced as the surveillance machinery of the State is dismantled in the public interest.
  20. The National Public Order Intelligence Unit NPOIU shall be scrapped and the police will have no powers to run undercover spying operations against political activists and political groups operating within the framework of the law.
  21. The Race Relations Act will be repealed and all British citizens will be regarded as equal before the law. We do not propose to divide British society by engendering social apartheid by making racial and/or religious distinctions. 
  22. The Basic Minimum Wage will be paid to all workers and any employer breaching this law will be subject to remedial action in the civil courts to ensure enforcement. The Basic Minimum Wage will increase each year in line with current inflation. All employees shall have the right to take industrial action where mistreatment occurs in the workplace and rights of assembly shall be granted to the trade unions to pursue social justice causes. 
  23. No journalist shall be subjected to a Gagging Order in the criminal or civil courts. Civil libel actions or complaints to a new Media Standards Authority shall be the only method to seek redress against media malpractice. We propose that the MSA will have discretionary authority to award libel damages to a complainant/s in line with damages that could be awarded in a civil legal action. We propose to protect the freedom of the press and to give the public rights of legal redress against media misconduct. This proposal would guarantee freedom of expression for everyone. 

        Only way to end the Gagging Order tyranny is to #RepealEULaw 

        The Gagging Order tyranny was created at the European Court of ‘Justice’ in June 2003 with the emergence of the new ‘hate crime’ mania

        What is it like to live under Gagging Orders? It’s the modern equivalent of having your tongue cut out or being burned at the stake for suspected witchcraft. In essence, the Gagging Order victim is subjected to a vicious witchunt to ensure the truth is concealed. 

        The tyrants justify their tyranny by claiming the victim has incited people to hate them but incitement laws were repealed in 2008. The next component they use is accusations of sedition but this law was also repealed in 2009.

        In 2010, criminal libel laws were also repealed and the door was wide open for anti corruption campaigners and citizen journalists to expose corruption in public services. In short order the Hackgate scandal erupted and terrified the entire rotten Establishment with the ferocity of the public backlash on social media. 

        The Government ordered the Leveson Inquiry, picking a judge with avowed left-wing views and loyalty to the EU. The end result, Leveson concluded was that not only the media had to be muzzled but they had to take control of the Internet, particularly social media. 

        I wrote at the time this would lead to a massive assault on freedom of speech and outright tyranny if not stopped. Under guidance of ECJ rulings from June 2003 onwards, the Gagging Order tyranny was born and I was the first journalist in Britain to be given a lifetime Gagging Order. 

        I now have three Gagging Orders – instruments of tyranny – and they have ruined and destroyed every aspect of my life, including my good health. I have been separated from my home, lost my mother and two women that I loved because they couldn’t cope with the hate backlash for daring to be with me. 

        The witchunt is particularly ferocious when targeting women I am romantically involved with. In June last year, I was becoming very close with Tory political activist Alicja Borkowska, we met through Vote Leave but we could not take our relationship to the next level because I would not comply and submit to tyranny. 

        We went our separate ways and the parting comment from Alicja was “it is so unjust that someone so nice as you has been treated like this, your life is destroyed.” Her tearful words cut to the bone but what she said was completely true. It hurt like hell to lose her but I had to continue the battle. 

        I decided not to have a relationship again whilst living under the hell of Gagging Orders but just weeks later I met Vote Leave Activist Support Manager Caroline Stephens and my world changed completely. Caroline changed my outlook on everything and in short order we fell deeply in love. 

        When Caroline said “we are soulmates”, I was overjoyed because I had never met any woman I regarded as a soulmate but Caroline was like the other half of my soul. Together we campaigned to invoke Article 50 but quickly the terrorists responded with a merciless hate campaign against Caroline, all of it criminal harassment but none of the criminals involved has been arrested. 

        Their objective was to separate us politically and the lies they told Caroline about me was a new low in the sickening smear campaign against me and in the end Caroline did not know what to believe. In late November last year, unable to cope with the unpopularity of being politically and romantically involved with me, we went our separate ways, she couldn’t cope with the bullying any longer. 

        What did I do to provoke such intense hatred from a small number of vicious trolls? In 2013, I started a campaign to expose the gang of neo-Nazis responsible for my attempted murder on 20 January 1990 and my objective was to bring them to justice. 

        Social Media had given me the perfect public campaign platform and I worked round the clock to get Derbyshire Police to arrest five men still wanted for the “particularly horrific attack” on me and they had escaped prosecution because of Special Branch using some of them as assets. 

        Derbyshire Police solicitor Craig Sutherland claimed the attack “never happened” and that I had fabricated the entire incident and in essence that I was “delusional”. A smear campaign erupted against me on social media in September 2013 and the hatred was breathtaking. Derbyshire Police allowed all of the malefactors to escape prosecution. 

        They had set a new criterion in hate: Anyone could say whatever they wanted to about me but if I dared to defend myself against such smears, I was harassing the vile trolls spouting lies about me. It was like being in a boxing match with a gang of bullies with both my arms tied to the ropes while they beat the hell out of me, cowards cannot fight any other way. 

        I was arrested, prosecuted, convicted without a jury, sent to prison, subjected to three Gagging Orders using EU ‘hate speech’ legislation and thrown into a living hell far worse than anything I had endured before since that brutal attack in 1990. 

        I had lived in fear of exposing the neo-Nazi gang ever since but in 2013, I could not surrender to fear any longer and decided to bring them to justice. Instead, I was sent to prison, subjected to Gagging Orders whilst the neo-Nazi British Movement gangsters walked the streets spouting their racial hatred protected by corrupt police officers. 

        The evidence proves that I was subjected to a “particularly horrific attack” and the evil malefactors were never brought to justice despite the fact the corrupt police knew the names of everyone involved

        In May 2015, the Director of Public Prosecutions confirmed in writing that Alastair Bulman, Peter Brood, Richard Wilson, Jack Nesbitt and their leader Daniel Tolan could still be prosecuted but corrupt Derbyshire Police refused to hand over an evidence file to the CPS. Despite repeated requests, the Government has done nothing to compel Derbyshire Police to hand over the evidence because it’s a cover-up. 

        Instead they subject me to terror campaigns that destroy my relationships and make the women involved with me hate me or appear to in public just to save their own skins. In turn the terrorists working with the corrupt police abuse and threaten me with impunity from prosecution and always escape prosecution. 

        They are the architects and proponents of real ‘hate speech’ whereas I fight only to restore freedom of expression for everyone and the only way to do this is to #RepealEULaw from 1 January 1973. 

        Derbyshire Police detective and UKIP member Mick Twomey started a smear campaign against me in October 2016, immediately targeting Caroline Stephens telling her I was “a danger to women” and she should dump me immediately. This is the same corrupt Derbyshire Police involved in a criminal conspiracy to protect a gang of neo-Nazis since 1990.

        My entire life, if my life could be described as ‘living’, has been destroyed and because of the hate campaign against me, now even my soulmate Caroline Stephens openly regrets having met me, not because I mistreated her, in fact I gave her all the love in the world, her regret is caused by a political and police terror campaign. 

        Now Caroline is making a comeback and vows to ‘stand up to the bullies’ this time but I doubt she’ll ever be able to do anything of the sort, she crumbled like powder in November last year but I hope that she does fight them, even though we cannot be together again in this life. 

        Is this the monstrous terrorism that you want to live under? Do you want to become the regime’s next victim because the thought police have arrested over 5,000 people for ‘hate speech’ since the Brexit vote last year. The courts are now handing out Gagging Orders like confetti and this tyranny has to be stopped. 

        Wanting to maintain her Gagging Order tyranny at any cost Theresa May now proposes to transpose EU law into our law during Brexit and this will mean we never really leave the EU, we will still be subjected to its tyrannical laws. 

        We voted to leave the EU, we voted to reject every article of its legislation since 1 January 1973 and that is exactly what we must have fulfilled. We need a British Constitution for a newly independent nation and the restoration of freedom of speech for everyone. 

        I implore you to support the #StrongerOUT campaign to #RepealEULaw because you could easily be the next victim of the EU ‘hate speech’ tyranny and Gagging Orders destroy lives and entire families. 

        “In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell 1984.

        Template letter for #StrongerOUT activists to contact MPs on #RepealEULaw

        #StrongerOUT activists should use the following campaign letter to contact their local MPs. We strongly advise everyone to use the website to contact MPs. But of course if activists prefer to send letters or meet with MPs at their surgeries, that is also progress. 



        I write to you on this occasion to voice my opposition to Government proposals to transpose EU law into our law during the Brexit process. 

        I voted to leave the EU and one of the reasons I did so was to repeal all EU law. 

        I want to be governed by British law and the Government promised that we would be given a new Bill of Rights. A newly independent nation should have its own constitution and the transposition of EU law is unacceptable. 

        I would like you to raise this vitally important matter in Parliament for debate and I would ask you to broach this issue with the Prime Minister during PMQs. 

        The entire nation should now work together to build a strong and vibrant country through Brexit. 

        Thanking you in anticipation. 

        Yours sincerely, 

        Your Name

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