UKIP Parliamentary candidate fabricated phantom pregnancy to gain sympathy

PPC Caroline Stephens on the campaign trail for UKIP in the Stroud Constituency at the 2015 General Election

UKIP is renowned for running smear campaigns and fabricating documents to use in malicious prosecutions against whistleblowers but the story concocted by Caroline Stephens took fabrication to a whole new level. 

In November last year, Stephens assured me she was pregnant and I had to take her at face value because I did not want to cause her any stress whilst potentially carrying my baby.

When I met her on 3 December last year, she was not able to produce any evidence of a pregnancy test that she claimed was taken at her GP’s surgery in Chippenham, Wiltshire just 5 days previously. 

If genuinely pregnant, would there be a problem with supplying hard evidence to the father of her child? Indeed, this proved a major obstacle for Stephens but she tried to sweep it aside claiming “those are my personal medical records and I can’t show them to you.”

In the weeks since then, despite several written requests to obtain the medical evidence of her phantom pregnancy, no such evidence has been forthcoming because it does not exist. Stephens concocted the pregnancy story to gain sympathy because she did not want any negative exposure of her lies in the public domain. 

Stephens still refuses to respond to requests for evidence because it does not exist

So what type of woman would fabricate a phantom pregnancy? Usually the type of woman that is desperate for a baby and convinces herself that she is pregnant in an act of self-comforting delusion. But in the case of Caroline Stephens was it just plain old female manipulation at work? 

On 6 November last year, after we made love several times the day before, I asked if she wanted me to get her pregnant and her response was “I’d love to have your baby Sy.” Was she under the influence of alcohol at the time because she drinks a bottle of wine every night to cope with the isolation and loneliness at home caused by her neglectful ‘husband’. 

Stephens has admitted that she has not had a normal relationship with her husband for many years since their second child was born and that they speak only about the children. She described it this way: “We have a business arrangement for the sake of the children and nothing more.”

Understanding the complex machinations of the female mind is no easy task for any man but fabricating a plantom pregnancy is something only a psychiatrist could understand and give the appropriate treatment to a woman that clearly suffers from chronic depression. 

Not content with the emotional damage she’d inflicted on me with a phantom pregnancy, she then incited evil troll Neil Jackson to abuse me on Twitter about the apparent abortion of my baby, which he thought was mightily amusing. Stephens has a history of hiring stringers to smear her critics and opponents, which led to her dismissal from Leave.EU in February 2016.

Jackson admitting that he was in direct contact with Stephens whilst conducting his online harassment campaign against me

Vile abuse from Jackson incited by Stephens, he made a specific reference to a Stroud river, where Stephens stood as the UKIP PPC in 2015.

The extent of the online abuse coupled with the incitement of a woman that either concocted a phantom pregnancy or aborted my child is simply shocking. How could any sane, decent woman resort to measures like this? 

Incredibly, playing the victim card, Stephens made a complaint to the police for online harassment against me because I exposed her lies to the public. The simple fact is that Stephens is a public figure, she was the Campaign Activist Support Manager for #VoteLeave during the referendum and such warped lies must be exposed in the public interest. 

Caroline Stephens on the campaign trail in 2016, employed by #VoteLeave HQ in London

Contrary to being harassed online, which is nonsense, Stephens has harassed me in the most appalling manner possible and which the evidence proves beyond contest. 

I have tried to explain to this deluded woman that if the case went to trial, her medical records to determine the issue of the pregnancy test would have to be disclosed in court during the pre-trial discovery process. Stephens lives in a dream world, thinks her powerful political connections can protect her from anything but in the real world she has been caught bang-to-rights. 

I exposed the truth about what happened to the Article50 campaign in November 2016 when she destroyed all of the material on this website in a jealous, bitter rage because UKIP stopped her from speaking outside Parliament on 23 November. 

The simple truth is that people had a right to know why a campaign they had invested donations in had suddenly been dismantled. I had a moral obligation to explain to campaign activists and donors what had happened to the wrecked campaign and where their money had gone. I led the campaign, did 95% of the work, amounting to over 400 hours, whilst Stephens sat back and did nothing than plot and scheme on the telephone all day and night with UKIP trolls. 

When UKIP and the Bruges Group ordered her to destroy the campaign, she did so without hesitation, thus wasting all of my work and the money donated by Brexiteers who wanted to put pressure on the Government to invoke Article50. 

I don’t want people to hate Stephens, it would not help, she needs treatment for depression and alcohol dependency. I don’t hate her for what’s she’s done, I pity her because I loved her deeply and I just want her to stop lying and get well with professional help. 

There is no point in continuing to lie because the evidence against her is damning and it is incontestable. The lying game is over and the truth is out. 

I have now reported Neil Jackson for the second time in three years for online harassment but with his corrupt police connections will anything be done about it? 

In July 2014, Jackson was allowed to escape arrest by Derbyshire Police and the Metropolitan Police. The police said: “smear campaigns happen all the time in politics and the CPS position is that whilst you have an online presence, you are responsible for them harassing you.”

The real issue though with Stephens is her frequent contact with Nottinghamshire Police. Wiltshire is over 200 miles from Nottinghamshire and as a result, why isn’t the unstable Stephens contacting Wiltshire Police instead? 

This is another matter that she refuses to explain, she’s above the law apparently according to her because of her political connections but at a criminal trial before a jury, she would be destroyed under cross-examination. 

Stephens does not listen to rational advice, her born-again Christian friends have convinced her that one day – “anointed by God”– she will lead the entire Brexit movement, no doubt into ‘the promised land’. 

The only abiding promise I can make in this case is that I will continue to expose the truth in the public interest until Caroline Stephens stops lying to the public. 

Police informants threaten to kill elderly mother of #FreeSpeech campaigner

Last a string of death threats came in against my elderly from police informants in Nottinghamshire, upset that they have lost the protection of their corrupt handler PC 526 Ross Clarke, who was involved in gross misconduct in the NG16 area. 

PC 526 Ross Clarke first exposed in February 2011

Abusive trolls, supporters of Nottinghamshire Police, spouting abuse

Inciting other police informants with a history of violence to kill my mother

Unequivocally clear death threat reported to Nottinghamshire Police last night but they won’t investigate it, they never investigate and prosecute anyone threatening to kill me or my mother

Clear reference to Shaun Bonner, who ambushed me with Gary Parkin from behind on Parliament Street in Nottingham in June 2014. End result, PC Louise Douglas refused to obtain CCTV footage of the cowardly attack

The latest round of threats comes ahead of a court hearing today at Nottingham County Court because I exposed this corruption and police informants. The system is so rotten and corrupt, they prefer to jail anti-corruption campaigners instead of corrupt police officers and their criminal snitches. 

This is why there will be no compliance with the Gagging Orders because these instruments of tyranny are devised to conceal pure evil. 

I have made a complaint to the IPCC against PC 526 Ross Clarke on the grounds of witness intimidation and perverting the course of justice. 

The snitches are foaming at the mouth with hatred because they have lost the bent copper that protected them. 

The truth will out, the campaign continues. 

#FreeSpeech campaigner issues strong defence to ‘contempt of court’ allegation 

We break laws to make laws

My defence to the ‘contempt of court’ hearing on 16 January 2017 at 10:00hrs at Nottingham County Court  

To the District Judge 

Hearing on 16 January 2017 at 10:00rs

Claimant: Broxtowe Borough Council

I should not be committed to prison for alleged ‘contempt of court’ because all of the material I have published about Broxtowe Borough Council and their co-conspirators in perverting the course of justice is the truth and nothing but the truth. 

The injunction was obtained under false pretences and the Claimant has already admitted a complete lack of evidence to support any of the fabricated allegations against me. Please see the attached letter from the Claimant admitting no evidence to support the fabricated allegations.

The Gagging Order obtained in the criminal courts was also obtained by perverting the course of justice and fabricating allegations for which there was no supporting evidence.

The Claimant has already admitted in writing to publishing false information about me on a website, which was later removed when I complained. The Claimant has a proven track record of fabricating allegations rejected on appeal at Nottingham Crown Court. 

This latest injunction is going to Judicial Review at the High Court to revoke it because it was obtained under false pretences with a pack of lies. 

In the interim, any warrant issued for my arrest will be illegal and any attempt to enforce it by the corrupt police will be resisted by force. 

I have not and will not remove any of the published material giving rise to this application because it is factually correct and it is a public interest matter. 
PC 526 Ross Clarke, the ‘investigating’ officer in my case, has been involved in gross misconduct over the mishandling of informants and trying to prevent their prosecution.

I have issued a formal complaint to the IPCC against PC 526 Ross Clarke on the grounds of witness intimidation and perverting the course of justice in league with his colleague PC Richard Reynolds and his informant Melony McElroy. 

The evidence to prove gross misconduct in this case is incontestable and I will not comply with any Gagging Order designed to conceal corruption in public office. 

Yours sincerely, 

Simon Tomlin

Corrupt Broxtowe Council admits in writing there is no basis for a Gagging Order 

I was the first journalist to be given a lifetime Gagging Order in Britain but since then thousands have been arrested for thought crimes on the Internet

On 16 January 2017 at 10am, a committal hearing will take place at Nottingham County Court to have me committed to prison for ‘contempt of court’ inasmuch I refused to remove factual material published on the Internet. 

The application is being made ostensibly by Broxtowe Borough Council but the prime malefactor in the trumped-up case is corrupt Nottinghamshire Police. 

Why did I publish material that I knew breached the latest Gagging Order issued in October 2016? The answer is simple, I discovered new evidence of police corruption, namely the confirmed gross misconduct of PC 526 Ross Clarke and his colleagues and it had to be published because it is a public domain matter. 

When ordered to remove the material by another tyrannical District Judge, I refused because it is factually indisputable, it is the truth and I will not comply with any Gagging Order designed to conceal Establishment corruption.

Defiance not compliance is my policy on the evil Gagging Order tyranny created by the Tories to bury corruption to insulate corrupt public ‘servants’ from public embarrassment. 

Broxtowe Borough Council admits in writing that there is no evidence to prove any of the allegations against me.

The original Gagging Order was amended on appeal to Nottingham Crown Court and my right to criticise Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire Police was restored but because they lost the case, they resorted to a civil injunction to prevent their corruption being exposed. 

In the civil courts the evidence criterion is the ‘balance of probabilities’, which means the claimants can fabricate any old drivel to a tame District Judge. But in the criminal courts it is entirely different, the criterion is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ and the claimant’s case was rejected at my appeal. 

Broxtowe Borough Council has admitted in writing that there is no evidence to substantiate the allegations made to obtain the lifetime Gagging Order in the criminal courts. So why is this case continuing? 

The Council and their equally corrupt co-conspirators at Nottinghamshire Police are desperate to conceal the truth about their gross misconduct but I will not comply with any Gagging Order that destroys freedom of speech. 

Broxtowe Borough Council admitted publishing false information about me on its website that was later removed.

Broxtowe Borough Council obtained another Gagging Order to ensure its correspondence could not be published but they failed again.

There is no evidence to support any of the fabricated allegations against me, so why has the Council been given another Gagging Order on the basis of no evidence? The answer is bias in the judiciary, it’s Establishment corruption and nepotism at its very worst. 

The Council accused me of ‘sedition’ to obtain the Gagging Order but sedition has not been criminal or civil law since 2009 when repealed by PM Gordon Brown. 

The crackpot Council accused me of ‘incitement’ to violence against its employees and elected officials but has not produced one piece of evidence to substantiate incitement. Instead it argues that exposing gross misconduct is an act of incitement but it is not, it is exposing gross misconduct and I will never stop exposing the truth. 

Nottinghamshire Police animals are prepared to kill to silence their critics and they are despised across the County and that is entirely their fault not mine, all I’ve done is expose the truth. 

On 14 April 2015, I was beaten to within a whisker of my life by Nottinghamshire Police. They claimed they had the ‘right’ to use lethal force against an unarmed man, nine corrupt thugs on to one man.

Not content with nearly killing me, corrupt Nottinghamshire Police then framed me for ‘common assault’ on DC Richard Kinsey but I was NOT convicted by a jury, only by corrupt Magistrates in league with bent coppers

In all the trumped-up cases brought against me since May 2014, I have not once appeared before a jury and on the two occasions when I was to be tried before a jury, the cases were thrown out of court because Lord Justice Michael Stokes QC told the CPS that I would be acquitted by a jury. 

This is why the corrupt criminals at Broxtowe County Council and Nottinghamshire Police have now turned to the civil courts where evidence is irrelevant. 

I will not be going to prison again for exposing corruption in public ‘services’ and if these evil tyrants want to silence me, they will have to kill me. 

Whilst claiming I had incited the public against them, Nottinghamshire Police in league with Derbyshire Police and the Metropolitan Police ran a vicious smear campaign against me on social media using former police officers and evil trolls like Neil Jackson. This eventually led to a campaign if malignant hatred by the UKIP troll factory, entirely incited and organised by Det Sgt Mick Twomey of Nottinghamshire Police CID. 

They are corrupt, they have conspired to pervert the course of justice, they have incited a vile hate campaign against me on social media and in the mainstream press, they have broken the law with absolute contempt on multiple occasions. They have threatened all of my witnesses, which is witness intimidation and the judiciary has allowed them to get away with it. 

There will no compliance with the evil Gagging Order tyranny and now the time has come to confront and defeat the tyrants. 

Council Leader Milan Radulovic is not above the law, he is not above criticism and there will be no compliance with his demands for a Gagging Order, even if this leads to civil war.

Nottinghamshire is now a boiling cauldron of public contempt for elected officials, corrupt police officers and the judiciary and they are entirely to blame for all of it. 

They need to stop the Gagging Order tyranny immediately and prosecute a raft of corrupt police officers or face riots or civil war because it is coming and they are responsible for it.  

We the people have had enough of their evil tyranny and we cannot take anymore of it. 

As for the contempt of court allegation, why would I not have contempt for their institutionalised corruption? 

I will not be in court on 16 January and will resist with whatever force I deem necessary to prevent my completely illegal arrest. 

I am preparing a Judicial Review at the High Court to revoke this Gagging Order because it was obtained on the basis of absolutely no evidence. 

“Thus ever for tyrants.”

UKIP legal department responds to the party’s harassment campaign against opponent

Theft of intellectual copyright: UKIP stole my ‘Project Fact’ concept during the EUref and falsely claimed it was their idea

Below is the text of my Pre-Action Protocol notification to the UKIP Legal Department. I am making this public so that people know the truth and I will not sign a non-disclosure agreement with UKIP to conceal the party’s embarrassment. 

Dear Mr Richardson,

In accordance with Civil Procedure Rules CPR, I am required to serve a Pre-Action Protocol on the United Kingdom Independence Party, hereinafter UKIP, to notify of an intention to litigate for damages. The purpose of a Pre-Action Protocol is to allow both sides an opportunity to resolve the dispute prior to commencement of formal litigation.

This Pre-Action Protocol will expire on 24 January 2017, being 14 days from the date of issue.


1. UKIP member Mick Twomey incited a smear campaign against me immediately after 3 October 2016, urging UKIP members and supporters to believe that I was “a danger to women”. This was targeted primarily at Caroline Stephens, with whom I had joined forces to campaign for #Article50 to be invoked. Twomey’s incitement, reported to me by Mrs Stephens quickly spread across Facebook and led to UKIP supporters-members hurling abuse at me, even threatening violence, please see separate evidence bundle attached. It should be noted that I have never met Twomey or any of the UKIP trolls incited by him and as such they do not know me and had no reason to spout such abuse and smears. Twomey of course is a former Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Police  detective and I ran a large anti-corruption campaign against them, which was Twomey’s primary motivation for his smear campaign in league with other UKIP supporters-members.

The hate campaign started by Twomey led to a number of UKIP activists hurling abuse at Caroline Stephens with the specific objective of destroying our professional and personal relationship. Mrs Stephens came under a barrage of abuse aimed directly at me, all of it vicious lies from UKIP activists. UKIP Chairman Paul Oakden published a false letter to UKIP activists claiming he had dismissed Mrs Stephens from the party, whereas in reality, Mrs Stephens tendered her resignation on 3 October 2016. Mr Oakden later apologised in writing for not checking his facts properly, a common mistake in UKIP but the damage had been done. The UKIP troll factory incited by Paul Oakden was fed deliberately misleading information that led to further abuse against Mrs Stephens and me. Almost every day and night, Mrs Stephens reported to me fresh acts of abuse by UKIP activists, primarily aimed at me but this abuse also suggested she had left UKIP to join the BNP, a malicious fabrication and Mrs Stephens has never been involved with the BNP.

2. After a torrent of hate against both of us by UKIP activists, incited in the first instance by Mick Twomey and Paul Oakden to destroy the Article 50 campaign, Mrs Stephens then illegally attacked my website and deleted 18 campaign articles, thus removing the entire campaign from the Internet. Mrs Stephens has explained that she was “advised” to carry out this destruction by Gerard Batten, Toby Micklethwait and David Wilkinson, all leading UKIP activitists-members. In essence, Mrs Stephens committed a criminal and civil offence with her actions, having been incited by UKIP members Kim Rose, Toby Micklethwait, Gerard Batten and David Wilkinson. This is called ‘conspiracy’ and ‘incitement’ in English law.

You will note that Mrs Stephens did not have permission to access or remove any of the material on and I am the sole domain owner and with full editorial authority over content, only I could authorise the removal of any material on the website. I did not authorise Mrs Stephens to attack my website and she did so under the direction of UKIP members acting for and on behalf of the party. With the Article 50 campaign in tatters, UKIP then announced it was dropping its campaign for Article 50, thus proving that UKIP had a motive to destroy our Article 50 campaign in league with the Bruges Group.

3. David Wilkinson threatened Mrs Stephens with a ‘revenge porn’ attack on social media if she did not turn against me. Fearful for her own safety and wanting to protect her children from embarrassment, Mrs Stephens joined forces with the UKIP troll factory, also inciting them to smear me on social media. Wilkinson had taken suggestive photographs of Mrs Stephens in a Christine Keeler pose in London prior to the EUref and the threat of these being released on social media and her children seeing them, caused her to turn against me with a venom. My personal relationship with Mrs Stephens was completely destroyed at every level by the UKIP smear campaign. In fact, in 27 years of politics and journalism, I have never seen let alone experienced a more serious campaign of malignant hatred, entirely the responsibility of UKIP. When Mrs Stephens and I parted and it became public knowledge, immediately the UKIP smear campaign almost died out completely, proving  aforethought and orchestration by UKIP with authorisation from Chairman Paul Oakden.

4. Mrs Stephens, under the control of UKIP in the shape of violent bully David Wilkinson, then recruited the most odious troll on Twitter, Neil Jackson, a UKIP supporter and according to Far Right Watch, also a UKIP member. Jackson has admitted in writing working for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Police to run a smear campaign against me on social media and has repeatedly threatened to kill me and my 81-year-old mother. Mrs Stephens claimed she was pregnant with my child and I then received the most appalling abuse imaginable from Jackson incited by Mrs Stephens under the control of UKIP and bully David Wilkinson. Please see attached evidence bundle for examples of this abuse. Jackson was in frequent contact during this time with UKIP Councillor Brian Sillvester and when I asked him to condemn Jackson’s abuse, he refused to do so because the hate campaign against me was organised, incited and endorsed by UKIP, particularly Chairman Paul Oakden. The abuse and hate campaign against me has caused me serious psychological problems and it completely destroyed my relationship with Caroline Stephens at every level, being its objective. Prior to the campaign, I had a good working relationship with Mrs Stephens and also a mutually loving relationship, destroyed by the UKIP troll factory.

5. Far Right Watch has confirmed that Mick Twomey was still a UKIP member as of 1 December 2016. Furthermore, Far Right Watch has also confirmed that Mrs Stephens was also still a UKIP member as of 1 December 2016. Did Mrs Stephens ever really resign from UKIP is the issue now at hand? Far Right Watch has also confirmed that Neil D Jackson is a UKIP member.


1. I propose that UKIP immediately instructs its members and supporters not to contact me or mention me by name in the public domain. This announcement should be made in a bulletin to all members and on the Internet. This would establish proper legal grounds that UKIP had taken steps to control its members.

2. UKIP should instruct its members not threaten Caroline Stephens in any manner and that repetition of such threats would lead to UKIP members being dismissed from the party.

3. UKIP should publish a public apology to me for the damage done and stay out of legal issues that do not concern the party.

4. UKIP should pay me damages for personal injury and defamation. Such offer should be made without prejudice in writing.

5. I will not sign any legal agreement with UKIP that allows the details of a possible settlement to be withheld from the public domain. Any settlement or resolution reached should become public knowledge as part of the binding agreement.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Tomlin

Can the Establishment be trusted to deliver on Brexit? 

The assassin, Caroline Stephens

Caroline Stephens sacked by Leave.EU

The UKIP Bruges Group plot to destroy the campaign to trigger Article 50 is now well documented but the real issue now is can they be trusted to deliver on Brexit? 

The best place to start is with the betrayal by Caroline Stephens under the duress of her UKIP Bruges Group puppet masters. Without an inkling of imminent betrayal, Stephens destroyed our campaign for Article 50 in November 2016. She was ordered to pull the plug and she did it without hesitation. Why? 

Stephens claimed it was my fault that she was denied the right to speak to ‘Brexiteers’ outside Parliament on 23 November last year and that her illegal attack on this website was entirely my fault. Interesting, I don’t remember doing anything other than campaign for Article 50 but egomaniacs always blame the innocent for their nefarious actions. 

On 3 October 2016, Stephens claimed she’d resigned from UKIP but Far Right Watch has confirmed that she was still a UKIP member on 1 December 2016, some three months after her quasi-resignation. Obviously, something fundamentally amiss in her resignation story, namely the truth. 

Stephens lying is nothing new, I caught her lying on a range of issues prior to asking her to leave the campaign immediately in November 2016 because of her illegal destruction of this website. Her lies destroyed all of my trust in her at a professional and personal level. 

Asking me to cover-up her romantic clinches with a string of UKIP ‘men’ was a step too far and expecting me to do this just because of love is not acceptable. Stephens believes if you’re in love with someone, you should lie for them. Does this also apply to murder? The mind boggles, where does it end when you start lying? 

Caroline Stephens, Campaign Manager at Leave.EU

Stephens was sacked by Leave.EU during the prelude to the EUref because she was suspected of “smearing” Pierre Shepherd but I’ve seen no evidence she did anything untoward other than ask questions about why Shepherd, an employee of the European Parliament was hired to campaign for a Brexit group, it is bizarre but then Arron Banks is a bizarre fruitloop full stop. 

One of the most appalling lies spun by Stephens was her denial that former Nottinghamshire Police detective Mick Twomey was a UKIP member. In fact, Far Right Watch has confirmed that Twomey was still a UKIP member on 1 December 2016, several weeks after Stephens lied on his behalf. 

Twomey, still involved with Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Police, led the smear campaign against me on social media in October 2016, whilst Stephens defended him with a pack of lies. Twomey contacted UKIP members on Facebook and urged them to believe I was “a danger to women” because I was convicted by a District Judge – not a jury – of harassing neo-Nazi Melony McElroy. But in reality, as the evidence proves, I did not harass McElroy, never went anywhere near her and only published the truth about her involvement with the British Movement, Blood & Honour UK and the British National Party. 

Since then, McElroy’s police handler PC 526 Ross Clarke has been embroiled in gross misconduct over his mishandling of police informants and transferred to a different division. So what offence did I commit? Nothing is the answer and the evidence proves it beyond question, it is now uncontestable that I was framed and Mick Twomey knew this when he incited the smear campaign against me for UKIP and Nottinghamshire Police. 

Stephens defended the man trying to ruin me, whilst at the same time claiming she was in love with me and having sexual intercourse with me. It is simply shocking to be confronted with the extent of her multi-faceted betrayal. 

The moment I exposed some of her antics, she screamed pregnancy but to this day, I have seen no medical evidence that she was ever pregnant with my child but she did me serious psychological damage with the pregnancy stunt and she knew exactly what she was doing. 

Such malignant hatred is entirely typical of the UKIP and police hate brigade, they set out to destroy anyone that dares to stand up to them and you have to ask, what type of country are these monsters going to create during and after Brexit? It is not a country that I want to live in. 

After our last meeting on 3 December 2016, Stephens agreed she would no longer take any hostile actions against me and we went our separate ways. But the next step was her malicious, fabricated complaint to Wiltshire and Nottinghamshire Police, claiming that what I had published about her was ‘harassment’. Another mad Melony McElroy type on a mission to bury the bloody awful truth. 

The raging hypocrisy of this woman is astounding. During the 2015 General Election, she was threatened with a civil injunction (Gagging Order) by the Tories and UKIP because she kept asking embarrassing questions about an incinerator project in Stroud, Gloucestershire. But the moment someone exposes the truth about her, it’s ‘harassment’ fairy tales in league with the most corrupt police ‘service’ in Britain. 

What I learned about Stephens is that it’s all about Caroline, an incurable liar and seasoned egomaniac, she believes God anointed her to lead the Brexit movement but when given an opportunity to do just that, she succumbed to the threats against her by UKIP and the Bruges Group. She then betrayed me in the most brutal and ruthless manner possible and kept digging in the dagger to inflict the maximum damage possible. 

She now refuses to explain why she has kept £500 of the funds donated to a campaign that I started, organised and ran and gave over 400 hours of work to make a success. I have not seen one receipt of any description from Stephens and she refuses to reply to any question on the subject. 

In the first week of November 2016, I brought in 114,000 hits on this website in the space of three days and turned the campaign into a roaring success. Sensing my campaign was becoming too successful, UKIP and the Bruges Group ordered their assassin Stephens to strike and she did without hesitation. 

I have since been told that Stephens has been offered a senior position in UKIP – hopefully not on her knees – “once the dust has settled after several months.”

In truth, she betrayed me because of political power, love is a secondary issue to her and she wonders why she is so deeply lonely, unloved and unhappy? It is because of her own treacherous actions. 

When I asked her why she had betrayed me with such reckless abandon, she said: “I did it for my country Sy, I did it for Brexit because you have divided the Brexit movement and Kippers now think you’re a Remain plant.” This the same accusation she made against Pierre Shepherd that led to her being sacked from Leave.EU only to become Activist Support Manager at Vote Leave.

In fact, Stephens was sacked as a bank manager, sacked as an insurance operations manager for what she claims was “whistleblowing on malpractice.” She also resigned as a school teacher after she was exonerated in a disciplinary misconduct hearing. I also sacked her from this campaign for gross misconduct and I have to ask, who hasn’t sacked her? The answer to that is Vote Leave. 

These are the creatures now organising Brexit and UKIP is completely in league with the Tories for Brexit-lite through the Bruges Group and Theresa May works with them on a daily basis. Is this what you voted for on 23 June 2016?

If you don’t have a problem with backstabbing, lying, amorality and a betrayal of true Brexit, then these are the vipers you need to be with. 

Stephens is now planning a tour of Europe – entirely my idea – and plans to visit Greece later this month. It would seem her new role as a Brexit Ambassador to Europe is now developing. This is what she betrayed me for, this is her reward for betrayal. 

But I’ll close with this point. If so-called Brexiteers are prepared to betray other Brexiteers, then they will betray true Brexit at the drop of a pin when it suits them. 

Laughably, when I last spoke to Stephens in December last year, she urged me to wait for her in the afterlife when the sins of this life are washed away. The foregoing though is what Stephens deems acceptable conduct to her “soulmate”. I argue that your new Brexit Ambassador would betray you without a second thought if she had to but if you think that’s acceptable, that’s your problem. 

For my own part, I want nothing further to do with the Brexit movement in any capacity and just to make it clear, I have not switched sides to Remain, I am simply disgusted in so-called Brexiteers but my conscience is perfectly clear. 

Does a leopard ever change its spots?


UKIP mounted vicious smear campaign based on fabricated police ‘evidence’

The mythical death threat fabricated by incurable liar DC Richard Kinsey to frame Simon Tomlin. Whenever the press and police create a joint narrative in any case it can never be believed because they collude to deceive the public.

Former Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Police Det Sgt Mick Twomey started a smear campaign against me on Facebook using a mythical ‘death threat’ against mad Melony McElroy and used a newspaper article as a justification for his false allegation that I am “a danger to women.” 

But with the UKIP smear campaign in tatters and the Gagging Orders heading for judicial review at the High Court, it’s time to publish the email I sent to McElroy to prove there was no death threat in it. 

Where’s the death threat?

Where’s the death threat?

The email reproduced above – called the ‘Phantom email’ during the appeal process – contains no death threat. DC Kinsey and District Judge Morris Cooper knew there was no death threat but working together they framed me for something I did not do and they perverted the course of justice in the process. 

Former detective Mick Twomey – UKIP troll master based in Derbyshire – also knew there was no death threat but he ignored the truth and embarked on a smear campaign against me incited by his fellow corrupt police officers. 

Lunatic Neil Jackson uses the same newspaper article in all of his innumerable smears against me and he knows perfectly well there was never any death threat against McElroy, another incurable paid liar. 

This is the article they used to attack my character with Caroline Stephens but when she gave me the benefit of the doubt, they next resorted to a vile blackmail and revenge porn plot to change her mind. 

Where did it all go wrong for UKIP? The moment they climbed into bed with corrupt police officers is the answer to that one.  

I should note that this article breaches all three Gagging Orders on me – designed to conceal police corruption – but it’s irrelevant because I will NEVER comply with these instruments of tyranny concocted by the EU in 2003.

UKIP hiding behind EU Gagging Orders, a mockery of the party’s claim to be anti-EU. 

‘The truth will out.’