Stoke defeat casts spotlight on who will be the next UKIP leader? 

Caroline Stephens on the campaign trail with Leave.EU

Who will be the next leader of UKIP when Paul Nuttall is replaced? One woman who intends to lead the party is Mrs Caroline Stephens or is her name Mrs Caroline Tomlin? She seems to be deeply confused on the issue and so I will bring clarity to the matter in the public interest. 

It is now common knowledge that I had a very steamy, intense affair with Caroline between October and December 2016 and which left both of us heartbroken because we could not spend the rest of our lives together. 

But what people don’t know, is that after just one meeting, Caroline asked me to marry her but she was already married to a Mark Stephens with whom she occupies the same house in Chippenham. They lead separate lives and do not share the same bedroom.

After giving me this assurance in September last year, I responded to her constant flirting and began a relationship with the woman that models herself on “Queen Boudicea”. 

At every opportunity, Caroline promotes the “Queen Boudicea” image to UKIP supporters and many of them have bought into the carefully woven concept. She loves the attention of men in particular but just uses them in power games because secretly she’s a man-hater who was once raped in her native Yorkshire because she was playing the same “prick tease” game and it backfired. 

I do not condone rape of any description, it is a deplorable act but Caroline’s reputation in UKIP is “the prick tease” and this is what they call her behind the scenes. She is entirely responsible for this reputation because she has played these games with countless men in UKIP and is now embarrassed because her antics have finally surfaced. 

Another cause of her man-hating power games is the fact that she had an affair with a married man and it ended in heartbreak when he dumped her to return to his wife for financial reasons. As a result, she now refuses to work with anyone born under the starsign of Leo because in her words “they’re all arrogant assholes.”

I did not know the foregoing facts before entering into the affair with Caroline but they soon came out and I quickly understood why she was ‘playing with fire’ whilst at the same time pretending to be the dutiful middle class housewife in suburban Wiltshire. 

It was not until 6 November 2016 that I realised how unhappy she was in suburban Wiltshire. On the telephone she told me: “Sy, I want you to take me home love, I want to go back to Yorkshire where I was happy, I’ve never been happy here.”

We agreed to move to York in the future when her children had left school. After making love several times at a hotel on 5 November 2016 – when Caroline should have been at a Bruges Group meeting – we grew even closer. The following evening she said that she wanted me to make her pregnant, which led to the discussion about moving to York together. 

I agreed to everything Caroline wanted and was happy to spend the rest of my life with her if that was what she wanted. But nothing could be done until her children had left school and I did not once pressure her to leave her children. 

The next revelation was that she had confessed our affair to her 87-year-old mother in York and her response was that she thought we were going to destroy one another. I was shocked that Caroline had told her mother about us and concerned about the mutually assured destruction prophecy. 

We had only met once when Caroline asked me to marry her in a spiritual union, to which I agreed because I loved her deeply. She insisted that we draw blood from our thumbs and press them together for five minutes until our blood entered one another. We did just that on 17 October 2016 on Hyde Park in London. 

Thereafter Caroline demanded that I refer to her as “Mrs Tomlin” in telephone calls and to refer to her as “my wife” when out shopping with her on Oxford Street in London, which I did. We had great fun together and shopping with her was a wonderful experience, particularly when choosing lingerie in Marks & Spencer. We laughed like schoolchildren, it was “the most natural thing in the world” she said. 

Despite her being married, I felt I had found the perfect woman for me and she constantly told me that “we’re SMs” or “soulmates” and I had never clicked with any woman like Caroline, I had been waiting all of my life for a woman like her. What was wrong with what we were doing? 

I treated Caroline with absolute respect, tender but passionate love and never once mistreated her. I wanted to make her happy because I knew she was lonely at home, was unhappy and had turned to drinking a bottle of wine each night to cope with what she described “the emptiness of it all.”

But behind the scenes, Caroline was on the receiving end of appalling abuse from UKIP and Bruges Group leaders and their trolls. Every morning on the telephone I got an update of the abusive messages she’d received overnight. The principal malefactor was former Det Sgt Mick Twomey of corrupt Derbyshire Police. 

Enforcer Twomey – centrifugal in politically motivated prosecutions against several UKIP whistleblowers – started a smear campaign against me after 3 December 2016, when Caroline tendered her resignation of UKIP. Hate-filled Twomey told Caroline that I was “a danger to women” and tried to bully her into separating from me. 

The day before, Caroline sent me a message on Facebook Messenger that read ‘I’m waiting for you, desperately’. I knew then that she was deeply in love with me and it felt wonderful and I reciprocated in equal measure. There was nothing disingenuous about my love for Caroline. 

Twomey’s hit squad of UKIP trolls kept Caroline under a constant round of abuse and spun endless lies to her about me. Far Right Watch confirmed in writing that this was Twomey’s job in UKIP, a Trollmaster inciting hate against opponents and terrorising party whistleblowers like Caroline. 

They had to separate us because they knew Caroline was exposing their dirty secrets to me and with my history of running major anti-corruption campaigns, especially against corrupt Derbyshire Police, they were afraid of what I might to do to them. 

Caroline asked me to run a black operations campaign against Arron Banks, Pierre Shepherd and Nigel Farage because they had sacked her from Leave.EU for asking questions about Shepherd. At a disciplinary hearing, Caroline was dismissed immediately for allegedly smearing Shepherd as “a Remain plant”. She was hired by Vote Leave immediately. 

Revenge was her motivation and she agreed with me that UKIP was dividing the Brexit movement and needed to be taught a lesson. Caroline gave me £200 to purchase the equipment I needed to run the campaign using proxy accounts on untraceable devices. But each time I asked her to authorise the campaign, she would not give me permission. 

Suddenly, smelling power and a chance to make a name for herself, she accepted an offer from UKIP organiser Kim Rose in Bournemouth to speak outside Parliament on 23 November 2016. UKIP was hijacking our Article 50 campaign and she had told Kim Rose every detail that she knew about Operation Beacon. 

I was stunned by her amateur hour indiscretion to a political party that clearly hated me and was running a vicious smear campaign against me. But Caroline was the leader and she did not want me to return fire on the UKIP trolls, all she wanted was to speak outside Parliament and I had to sacrifice myself “for the woman you love.”

I was beginning to see how desperate for power she was and she had a very unattractive selfish streak that concerned me but her constant love and affection kept me compliant. 

But after she told me that Mark Skinner had sent her a message on WhatsApp saying ‘I am waiting for you’, it was time to act and I demanded she break off contact with him immediately. She had kissed Skinner twice but he wanted more, he wanted sex with her and she told me that he was trying to blackmail her. 

I asked what Skinner had on her and the screen captures issue raised its ugly head. I examined the transcripts of her chats with Skinner, immediately realised there was nothing I could do to help her and then she said “Skinner needs to be eliminated Sy”. 

It was then that I saw the other side of Caroline Stephens and it was not pleasant but I could see she was desperate to conceal her past indiscretions with other UKIP men. Truth was she had gotten herself into a complete mess and she also feared David Wilkinson would release more of the photographs he’d taken of her in a Christine Keeler pose at Vote Leave HQ in London on 13 April 2016.

I was livid at her naive stupidity and finally realised that Caroline was not professional enough to continue leading the Article 50 campaign. She was typical UKIP, kindergarten antics that had no place in professional political campaigning. 

But I was also in love with Caroline and how could I replace her and maintain our relationship? She provided the perfect solution after I posted a joke on Facebook about Skinner’s latest WhatsApp message: ‘Sweet Caroline please come back to UKIP’. It was hilarious, typical UKIP immaturity but Caroline went mad, accused me of making her feel ill and threatened to hurt my 81-year-old mother if her indiscretions leaked out. 

I was gobsmacked, the woman I loved had threatened my beloved mother. I made it clear to Caroline that if she ever hurt my mother that I would respond in kind and having calmed down, she then asked me to delete the post, which I did to keep the peace. 

It was a startling revelation to see what Caroline was capable of and then I realised why Skinner was so upset because she had also threatened him. Past indiscretions had come back to haunt her and trying to threaten her way out of trouble was simply causing more trouble. 

It was perfectly clear that UKIP was not just trying to split us up but that the party wanted Caroline to return, not for a glorious political comeback but only to control her because of her indiscretions to me about their dirty secrets. But the problem was that Caroline had put everything in writing and I had retained the entire Facebook Messenger transcript and there was no escape from the truth. 

We discussed how to deal with the possibility of our affair leaking out and I made it clear that I would not lie about it. Caroline expected me to lie for her and used the leverage of “for the woman you love.” By then, she was using “love” as a tool of political manipulation and I refused to play ball. 

In short order, she claimed her husband had discovered our affair but having fed me three different stories, I did not believe a word she said anymore. I had caught her lying on so many occasions that her claims became incredible and I told her that she was an “incurable liar”. 

Caroline telephoned my mother in crocodile tears, fed her a pack of lies and afterwards my mother told me “that woman is an evil actress, stay away from her.” My mother is an excellent judge of character and having smeared me to my own mother, after I told Caroline never to target my mother, it was time to expose the truth. 

I published the truth about how she had wrecked the Article 50 campaign, deleting all of the campaign material on this website and she then admitted “UKIP lawyers told me to get rid of everything.” Her malicious betrayal had to be exposed because thousands of people supported the campaign and donated money to it and they had to know what had happened to their campaign. 

There was no doubt Caroline was back in league with UKIP and was taking orders from them to wreck the campaign because Gerard Batten, her political mentor wanted to repeal the ECA first and he felt threatened by the immense popularity of our campaign. Caroline admitted that Batten told her to “get rid of that little arsehole now, there are bigger objectives at stake here than your  schoolgirl affair with him.”

Batten of course loves playing at being the telephone ‘tough’ guy but in reality couldn’t fight his way out of a wet through paper bag. His threats against me are laughable, I’d destroy him quick sharp if he ever made the mistake of getting fresh with me. 

But what Batten does have is corrupt police connections that he uses to harass and intimidate his political opponents and was caught red-handed using corrupt cops to threaten journalists into silence by claiming he was being ‘harassed’ by their investigations. 

Religious crank Batten exposed in league with corrupt cops trying to silence journalists

The next threat was Caroline making it clear that she would report me to the corrupt thug police if I dared to expose anything further about her misconduct. She said: “I’ll just do what the others did Sy, I’ll claim you’re harassing him and have you arrested.” She was using the Batten tactic of intimidation but I refused to back down and assured her that I would continue to expose her antics if she continued. 

We didn’t speak for several days and then on 29 November 2016, she sent me an email from Wiltshire Police about a complaint she’d made against me about imaginary ‘harassment’. I had not harassed her in the slightest, not been anywhere near her and had only exposed the truth. 

Less than two hours later, she sent me a message on WhatsApp claiming she was pregnant with my child and that we needed to talk. We spoke and she said that she needed me to remove the articles I had written about her because she was “stressed” by them and the early stage of pregnancy was the most dangerous in which to lose a baby due to miscarriage. 

I smelt a rat but she was so upset that I had to give her the benefit of the doubt and agreed to remove the articles. If she was telling the truth about being pregnant, I did not want her to lose the baby. I asked how it was possible she was pregnant because I could not father a child without IVF treatment and she said: “It was an act of God, it’s a sign that he has blessed our union”.

I was astounded at the claim and did not believe it in the slightest but I had to give Caroline the benefit of the doubt. I had no doubt then how much of a religious fanatic she was and it was clear that Gerard Batten had played a leading role in her brainwashing. I told her that she’d been “brainwashed by people that remind me of David Koresh and I just wonder if one day you’ll be making a last stand at Waco 2?”

I was after all husband number 2 by then and was deeply concerned for the woman that regarded herself as my “spiritual wife”. I asked why she wanted to marry me and her explanation was simple: “I want to be with you beyond the grave.” It was a beautiful thought to know that someone loved me so much to want to be with me in heaven but why such treacherous antics in this life? 

‘I want to be with you beyond the grave’

We agreed to meet on 3 December 2016 to separate because Caroline could not cope with the hate campaign against her and felt the unpopularity would affect her children and ruin her political prospects. 

We met as agreed and the litany of fairy tales she’d been told by UKIP about me was simply appalling and bore no resemblance to the real me but they’d scared the hell out Caroline and I knew she was going back to UKIP after “the dust has settled,” it was completely transparent. 

After weeks of abuse from UKIP and Bruges Group trolls, Caroline crumbled like a bag of flour

She had asked me to pick names for the baby and I chose Larissa and Henry but she ruled out both of them, her usual bullying self, always having to be the boss and get her own way. But the real issue was that she was never pregnant, it was a sick, twisted ruse to try and control me. 
We kissed, hugged, cried like heartbroken children at Victoria Coach Station and said “goodbye for this life darling” and it felt like someone had thrust knives straight into my heart. Caroline later said the experience was “so tragic and painful I could never go through that again Sy.”

Caroline pleaded with me to phone her every week day after she’d taken the children to school because “I want you to keep me stable love, I feel suicidally depressed without you now.” I felt the same and telephoned her each day but talking to the woman I loved, knowing I couldn’t be with her tore me apart. 

I spoke to Caroline on WhatsApp for the last time on 10 December 2016 for nearly 50 minutes and it was unbearably painful. She was suicidally depressed, said “my heart is still in it Sy but we can’t be together darling.” She never once apologised for fabricating a phantom pregnancy that made me feel suicidally depressed. Her mother’s prophecy was coming true and it scared me deeply. 

Her closing remark to me was an assurance riddled with grief, guilt and remorse: “You can have me in the next life Sy, I’ll be your wife, I’ll love you, I’ll look after you, I’ll be loyal to you and I’ll be the woman you wanted me to be in this life, it will be bliss for eternity.”

I couldn’t cope with it any longer and put down the phone without saying goodbye. I felt so depressed that I wanted to vomit. I was so hurt that I can’t even put into words how painful it was and from that point on slipped into a suicidal depression so severe that I actually planned my suicide in detail on three occasions. 

Luckily, on the brink of death, my lovely mother and close friends talked me out of it but the damage caused by UKIP Bruges Group and the corrupt thug police was simply beyond anything that was acceptable in politics. What they did to us what pure evil and they are going to pay the price for what they did. 

I have told the unvarnished truth about Caroline Stephens and what happened because I will not be smeared, abused and threatened with impunity by sick trolls and I will blow their lies out of the water. 

Caroline is now on the political comeback trail with UKIP and believes that she is fit to be the leader of the party eventually but having lost so much respect in the party, is it possible? 

In terms of low female cunning, certainly she’s a match for any opponent but in strategic and tactical terms, not a leader and her solution to that is to hire people who can formulate strategy and tactics. 

But her weakness is that she crumbles under pressure and if the pressure is intense, she crumbles like a bag of flour. What Caroline needs to succeed is a ring of steel around her to protect her from the bullies and with that measure in place, she could become a first class leader. 

The real problem though is the need to reform her character and stop playing infantile games with men but I doubt she’ll ever be able to do that because she’s on constant power trip and cannot control her ego. 

I take the view that what happened with Caroline was a political power struggle but I cannot forgive her for the despicable pregnancy stunt she pulled and that was so malicious and evil that I will never speak to her again in this life. 

If Caroline is going to lead a party in serious decline, riddled with amateur hour antics, it will take a miracle from God to reform the entire party into a professional political machine capable of winning power. I do not believe that UKIP or Caroline are capable of winning. 

I now continue the StrongerOUT campaign to #RepealEULaw and I will do so in the most professional manner that I can because UKIP is not fit to hold power. 

“All revolutions devour their own children” – Captain Ernst Rohm

Despicable beyond words, a fabricated pregnancy claim 

The Reform Act white paper should be used to #RepealEULaw during Brexit

  1. Proportional representation guaranteeing all political parties a place in Parliament based on the share of the vote to ensure all electors are represented according to their views at a General Election. The current system is an elective dictatorship of two parties.
  2. The unelected House of Lords is to be abolished in its entirety to be replaced by the House of Commons alone elected by proportional representation. The ongoing anti-democratic measures by the HoL to block Article 50 is the perfect example of the Lords needs to be abolished. 
  3. The Constitutional Monarchy is to be abolished and replaced with a figurehead Monarchy on the Danish model. 
  4. The Magistrates Courts are to be scrapped in the public interest to eradicate the nepotism between the police and Magistracy.
  5. The system of sentencing and remand prior to conviction is to be overhauled to significantly reduce the prison population and alleviate the massive cost to the public purse.
  6. All district judges sitting in the Magistrates Courts are to be promoted to the Crown Courts. The Magistrates Courts are to be scrapped to reduce the cost to the public. All criminal cases proceeding to trial will be before a jury. The number of jurors will be reduced from 12 to 7 to prevent a hung jury and reduce cost to the public purse. 
  7. Membership of the Freemasons organisation or any secret organisation, particularly Common Purpose, committed to influencing the legal framework of the nation, shall become illegal. 
  8. The Criminal Cases Review Commission will be scrapped and replaced by a final act of appeal to the Supreme Court. 
  9. The prison system shall undergo a sweeping reform of all of its services with the key emphasis being on restoring discipline and encouraging widespread rehabilitation of offenders. The prison population will be reduced in significant numbers and a far more effective system introduced on the Dutch model. 
  10. It is proposed that prisoners are sent to prisons that reflect their nature of their crimes. Non-violent offenders should not be sent to the same prison facilities as violent offenders.
  11. The ‘Independent’ Police Complaints Commission shall be abolished and replaced with a Police Standards Authority to restore public trust in the police service.
  12. DNA samples retained by the police service where the person arrested has not been charged will be destroyed under the supervision of the PSA.
  13. The post of Police Commissioner is to be scrapped to eradicate the current nepotism between political parties and like-minded senior police officers.
  14. Parliament shall enact a law guaranteeing freedom of speech and expression to all British citizens and people shall have the right to express whatever opinions they hold without fear of criminal prosecution and repression by Parliament and/or the police. 
  15. Secret trials will be dispensed with in the public interest to engender greater public trust and transparency in the legal system.
  16. Absolute privilege for solicitors and barristers shall be abolished to prevent them from making character assassination attacks on a defendant, then reported as ‘fact’ in the media, thus causing serious defamation to the defendant, particularly where or she is acquitted by a jury.
  17. Legal Aid funding in the criminal courts shall not be available to any defendant convicted of three offences and this measure is designed to curtail career criminals, who will have to pay for their own legal representation and if they cannot afford to pay, they should seek alternative law abiding careers.
  18. Parliament shall enact a law – similar to the First Amendment in the USA – that ensures freedom of expression shall be available to everyone on British soil without fear of harassment from the State for expressing opinions unpopular with certain political factions.
  19. The Right of Assembly shall be an automatic right to all citizens wishing to protest against any socio-political issue which needs to be highlighted to the majority.
  20. The intelligence agencies MI6, MI5 and GCHQ will be merged into the National Intelligence Service and the number of employees reduced as the surveillance machinery of the State is dismantled in the public interest.
  21. The National Public Order Intelligence Unit NPOIU shall be scrapped and the police will have no powers to run undercover spying operations against political activists and political groups operating within the framework of the law.

    Only way to end the Gagging Order tyranny is to #RepealEULaw 

    The Gagging Order tyranny was created at the European Court of ‘Justice’ in June 2003 with the emergence of the new ‘hate crime’ mania

    What is it like to live under Gagging Orders? It’s the modern equivalent of having your tongue cut out or being burned at the stake for suspected witchcraft. In essence, the Gagging Order victim is subjected to a vicious witchunt to ensure the truth is concealed. 

    The tyrants justify their tyranny by claiming the victim has incited people to hate them but incitement laws were repealed in 2008. The next component they use is accusations of sedition but this law was also repealed in 2009.

    In 2010, criminal libel laws were also repealed and the door was wide open for anti corruption campaigners and citizen journalists to expose corruption in public services. In short order the Hackgate scandal erupted and terrified the entire rotten Establishment with the ferocity of the public backlash on social media. 

    The Government ordered the Leveson Inquiry, picking a judge with avowed left-wing views and loyalty to the EU. The end result, Leveson concluded was that not only the media had to be muzzled but they had to take control of the Internet, particularly social media. 

    I wrote at the time this would lead to a massive assault on freedom of speech and outright tyranny if not stopped. Under guidance of ECJ rulings from June 2003 onwards, the Gagging Order tyranny was born and I was the first journalist in Britain to be given a lifetime Gagging Order. 

    I now have three Gagging Orders – instruments of tyranny – and they have ruined and destroyed every aspect of my life, including my good health. I have been separated from my home, lost my mother and two women that I loved because they couldn’t cope with the hate backlash for daring to be with me. 

    The witchunt is particularly ferocious when targeting women I am romantically involved with. In June last year, I was becoming very close with Tory political activist Alicja Borkowska, we met through Vote Leave but we could not take our relationship to the next level because I would not comply and submit to tyranny. 

    We went our separate ways and the parting comment from Alicja was “it is so unjust that someone so nice as you has been treated like this, your life is destroyed.” Her tearful words cut to the bone but what she said was completely true. It hurt like hell to lose her but I had to continue the battle. 

    I decided not to have a relationship again whilst living under the hell of Gagging Orders but just weeks later I met Vote Leave Activist Support Manager Caroline Stephens and my world changed completely. Caroline changed my outlook on everything and in short order we fell deeply in love. 

    When Caroline said “we are soulmates”, I was overjoyed because I had never met any woman I regarded as a soulmate but Caroline was like the other half of my soul. Together we campaigned to invoke Article 50 but quickly the terrorists responded with a merciless hate campaign against Caroline, all of it criminal harassment but none of the criminals involved has been arrested. 

    Their objective was to separate us politically and the lies they told Caroline about me was a new low in the sickening smear campaign against me and in the end Caroline did not know what to believe. In late November last year, unable to cope with the unpopularity of being politically and romantically involved with me, we went our separate ways, she couldn’t cope with the bullying any longer. 

    What did I do to provoke such intense hatred from a small number of vicious trolls? In 2013, I started a campaign to expose the gang of neo-Nazis responsible for my attempted murder on 20 January 1990 and my objective was to bring them to justice. 

    Social Media had given me the perfect public campaign platform and I worked round the clock to get Derbyshire Police to arrest five men still wanted for the “particularly horrific attack” on me and they had escaped prosecution because of Special Branch using some of them as assets. 

    Derbyshire Police solicitor Craig Sutherland claimed the attack “never happened” and that I had fabricated the entire incident and in essence that I was “delusional”. A smear campaign erupted against me on social media in September 2013 and the hatred was breathtaking. Derbyshire Police allowed all of the malefactors to escape prosecution. 

    They had set a new criterion in hate: Anyone could say whatever they wanted to about me but if I dared to defend myself against such smears, I was harassing the vile trolls spouting lies about me. It was like being in a boxing match with a gang of bullies with both my arms tied to the ropes while they beat the hell out of me, cowards cannot fight any other way. 

    I was arrested, prosecuted, convicted without a jury, sent to prison, subjected to three Gagging Orders using EU ‘hate speech’ legislation and thrown into a living hell far worse than anything I had endured before since that brutal attack in 1990. 

    I had lived in fear of exposing the neo-Nazi gang ever since but in 2013, I could not surrender to fear any longer and decided to bring them to justice. Instead, I was sent to prison, subjected to Gagging Orders whilst the neo-Nazi British Movement gangsters walked the streets spouting their racial hatred protected by corrupt police officers. 

    The evidence proves that I was subjected to a “particularly horrific attack” and the evil malefactors were never brought to justice despite the fact the corrupt police knew the names of everyone involved

    In May 2015, the Director of Public Prosecutions confirmed in writing that Alastair Bulman, Peter Brood, Richard Wilson, Jack Nesbitt and their leader Daniel Tolan could still be prosecuted but corrupt Derbyshire Police refused to hand over an evidence file to the CPS. Despite repeated requests, the Government has done nothing to compel Derbyshire Police to hand over the evidence because it’s a cover-up. 

    Instead they subject me to terror campaigns that destroy my relationships and make the women involved with me hate me or appear to in public just to save their own skins. In turn the terrorists working with the corrupt police abuse and threaten me with impunity from prosecution and always escape prosecution. 

    They are the architects and proponents of real ‘hate speech’ whereas I fight only to restore freedom of expression for everyone and the only way to do this is to #RepealEULaw from 1 January 1973. 

    Derbyshire Police detective and UKIP member Mick Twomey started a smear campaign against me in October 2016, immediately targeting Caroline Stephens telling her I was “a danger to women” and she should dump me immediately. This is the same corrupt Derbyshire Police involved in a criminal conspiracy to protect a gang of neo-Nazis since 1990.

    My entire life, if my life could be described as ‘living’, has been destroyed and because of the hate campaign against me, now even my soulmate Caroline Stephens openly regrets having met me, not because I mistreated her, in fact I gave her all the love in the world, her regret is caused by a political and police terror campaign. 

    Now Caroline is making a comeback and vows to ‘stand up to the bullies’ this time but I doubt she’ll ever be able to do anything of the sort, she crumbled like powder in November last year but I hope that she does fight them, even though we cannot be together again in this life. 

    Is this the monstrous terrorism that you want to live under? Do you want to become the regime’s next victim because the thought police have arrested over 5,000 people for ‘hate speech’ since the Brexit vote last year. The courts are now handing out Gagging Orders like confetti and this tyranny has to be stopped. 

    Wanting to maintain her Gagging Order tyranny at any cost Theresa May now proposes to transpose EU law into our law during Brexit and this will mean we never really leave the EU, we will still be subjected to its tyrannical laws. 

    We voted to leave the EU, we voted to reject every article of its legislation since 1 January 1973 and that is exactly what we must have fulfilled. We need a British Constitution for a newly independent nation and the restoration of freedom of speech for everyone. 

    I implore you to support the #StrongerOUT campaign to #RepealEULaw because you could easily be the next victim of the EU ‘hate speech’ tyranny and Gagging Orders destroy lives and entire families. 

    “In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell 1984.

    Template letter for #StrongerOUT activists to contact MPs on #RepealEULaw

    #StrongerOUT activists should use the following campaign letter to contact their local MPs. We strongly advise everyone to use the website to contact MPs. But of course if activists prefer to send letters or meet with MPs at their surgeries, that is also progress. 



    I write to you on this occasion to voice my opposition to Government proposals to transpose EU law into our law during the Brexit process. 

    I voted to leave the EU and one of the reasons I did so was to repeal all EU law. 

    I want to be governed by British law and the Government promised that we would be given a new Bill of Rights. A newly independent nation should have its own constitution and the transposition of EU law is unacceptable. 

    I would like you to raise this vitally important matter in Parliament for debate and I would ask you to broach this issue with the Prime Minister during PMQs. 

    The entire nation should now work together to build a strong and vibrant country through Brexit. 

    Thanking you in anticipation. 

    Yours sincerely, 

    Your Name

    Join the #StrongerOUT campaign group on Facebook 

    Join the #StrongerOUT campaign to #RepealEULaw to restore #FreeSpeech

    Today #StrongerOUT launches the campaign to #RepealEULaw as part of the complete Brexit policy. 

    Become an online activist, join the #StrongerOUT campaign on Facebook 

    The Prime Minister – a Remain campaigner – has proposed the transposition of #EU law into our law as part of the Great Reform Bill and this is not what the majority voted for at the EUref. 

    Let it be clear, the Leave platform was to leave the EU completely and that included the repeal of all EU legislation on our statute book since 1 January 1973. All of this legislation can be repealed with a single act of Parliament. 

    We propose that an entirely organic British Bill of Rights replaces tyrannical and/or outlandish EU law. Only when we have repealed EU law will the decree absolute from Brussels be completed. 

    Retaining EU law will mean ‘Britain’ is still under the sociopolitical thraldom of the Eurocrats and we rejected their tyrannical laws on 23 June 2016 in the Great Rebellion designed to restore British freedoms, particularly free speech. 

    EU law has introduced the Gagging Order tyranny and the massive assault on freedom of expression using the political tool of ‘hate speech’ to silence opposition and control the mindset of the population. 

    We aim to restore your tight to criticise errant public servants or to express your opinion, particularly on social media, without fear of being arrested for offending an extreme left-wing shibboleth. 

    EU law is rooted in left-wing ideology and its inherent contempt and intolerance of free speech, particularly those with right-wing political views. 

    Theresa May is either clueless and has no detailed plan for a Great Repeal Bill or because of her Remain stance, she wants Britain to become an offshore protectorate of the EU by retaining foreign laws rejected by the majority. 

    Since 2010, when Theresa May became Home Secretary, she has overseen the introduction of the Gagging Order culture and the State-sponsored terror campaign against those who reject extreme left-wing ideology. What Theresa May wants is what she has created, an Orwellian tyranny in which freedom of speech is controlled by the political police with the ultimate threat of force to enforce leftist ideology. 

    Being in the EU has created a Soviet-style tyranny in which compliance with left-wing ideology is mandatory or the dissident faces imprisonment for speaking or writing the truth. We reject this foreign law dictatorship and we campaign to restore free speech for everyone. 

    #RepealEULaw will restore free speech by removing EU legislation from the statute book

    Write to your MP to make it perfectly clear that you will not tolerate the retention of EU law and that you will vote tactically against any MP that supports the transposition deception.  

    Campaign on social media forums and use the hashtags #FreeSpeechMatters #RepealEULaw and #StrongerOUT to attract attention to the campaign. 

    In particular, target MPs on Twitter that support transposition and make it clear that you will not tolerate the retention of EU legislation. 

    Challenged pro-Brexit MPs to ascertain what plan if any they have for a Bill of Rights immediately after the Great Repeal Act 2018.

    We can only do this together and we will succeed by spreading the word and acting as one to restore free speech in the national interest. 

    We do not propose to create a situation whereby people are allowed to say whatever they want in the public domain but the current ‘hate speech’ is going to be consigned to the dustbin of history. 

    Remember, we are in this struggle to kill the idea that one person can have more rights under law than another person. Public servants are not immune from criticism, they are not above the law. 

    British freedoms will only be restored when we have eradicated all EU legislation.

    This campaign was created by journalist Simon Tomlin, subjected to three Gagging Orders using EU legislation. Join #StrongerOUT now to restore your #FreeSpeech. 

    Simon Tomlin was nominated for a freedom of speech award on 12 June 2015 at the Russian Embassy in London, presented by Bilateral Relations Counsellor Sergey Nalobin at the Ambassador’s Residence. The citation read: “We believe you qualify for this award because when ordered to stop exposing corruption, instead you preferred to go to prison in defence of the truth.”

    Abusive online troll openly declares his support for Farage and UKIP

    Today in an entirely unsurprising move, sick troll Neil Jackson, who admits to being protected from prosecution by corrupt police officers, openly declared his support for UKIP, referring to Nigel Farage as ‘the great man’. 

    Jackson has waged a three-year online harassment campaign against me and in June 2014, Derbyshire Police refused to prosecute him for a string of criminal threats. 

    This message is a malicious communication but Jackson was protected by Derbyshire Police

    Jackson made a threat of violent reprisals against my solicitor Bill Soughton and Derbyshire Police protected him from prosecution

    Jackson’s latest diatribe of abuse today on this website has not been published because it will be used in evidence by my lawyers to prove the extent of the UKIP-Police terror campaign waged against me since 3 October 2016.

    Far Right Watch has already established that former Det Sgt Mick Twomey of Derbyshire Police was still a UKIP member on 1 December 2016 and that he has been instrumental in harassing a number of UKIP whistleblowers. 

    Twomey began a smear campaign against me immediately after 3 October 2016, telling Caroline Stephens to avoid me because I was “a danger to women” but he provided no supporting evidence. Stephens gave me chapter and verse on the smear campaign and she in turn was subjected to appalling abuse for being with me. 

    Jackson began his smear campaign against me in 2014 because I ran a large anti-corruption campaign against his friends in Derbyshire Police for preventing the prosecution of several British Movement neo-Nazis that attempted to kill me on 20 January 1990 and left me with serious facial and head injuries. 

    In the three years since then, Jackson has repeatedly threatened to kill me, threatened to kill my 81-year-old mother and threatened violent reprisals against my solicitor and escaped prosecution because he admits to being a protected police asset. 

    Last week, I reported Jackson to the Metropolitan Police – which has a proven history of colluding with UKIP – and was told that they could not see a criminal offence of any description. Hardly surprising that the corrupt police are protecting their hired smear merchant again. Threats Against The Person is a clear criminal offence in English law. 

    Online harassment and abuse is classed as a ‘hate crime’ and the litany of threats and abuse from Jackson should have seen him landed with several serious charges but his hate campaign is being done for UKIP and the corrupt police. 

    There is a serious problem in this country with corrupt police officers colluding with far Right activists. Far Right Watch has confirmed a Neil D Jackson is a UKIP member and he was upset today because our Article 50 campaign succeeded and his UKIP masters failed to stop us. 

    His open admission of supporting UKIP now throws the spotlight on Caroline Stephens, who fabricated a story about being pregnant with my child and then she incited Jackson to abuse and threaten me on social media. 

    Jackson admits to being in direct contact with UKIP member Caroline Stephens

    Clear threat of violence against my 81-year-old mother

    Clear threat which is a malicious communication

    On 13 November 2016, Caroline Stephens threatened to harm my 81-year-old mother because I refused to help conceal her flirtations with UKIP member Mark Skinner

    Based on 27 years experience, I can say with certainty that UKIP has become the most vile political party in Britain and cannot be trusted with the Brexit process in any capacity. 

    The corrupt police have a documented history of colluding with UKIP, harassing victims and threatening to arrest journalists that expose their terror campaigns. 

    But the evidence against them is now conclusive and my lawyers will wipe the floor with them in court. 

    Barmy Batten’s corrupt friends in the Metropolitan Police threaten journalists